Career Research-Social Worker Essay

“A person’s a person, no matter how small. “(Dr. Seuss) A child is the greatest gift that anyone can have so “Why would anyone hurt them? ” No one really knows the real answer but many have tried to answer that it but what is the point if they are not going to stop. That is why people have dedicated to protecting these children who get hurt whether it is at home or it is at school they are known as social workers. When I was little I didn’t know what i wanted to do with my life but what I did know was that I wanted to protect children from those who harm them.

Based on my research I believe Child Protective Services Social Workers is the ideal career for me. Every career needs different kinds of education and training. The minimum education need to be a child social worker is a “highschool diploma”(careerinfonet. org). In my opinion a that is not enough to decide if a child should or should not be removed from a parent. The places one could go to get education would be “ junior college, on the job training, vocational school”(socialworker. com). If someone would want to have higher pay then one should look at the highest kind of education one could get.

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The courses one could take in high school would “English/Language Arts, Sociology, Psychology, Family and Consumer Sciences, United States History”(ehow. com). These classes are offered ,at Westminster High School, and I will consider taking them in my near future. Every career needs to have a set of skills whether it is computer to math skills or even to science skills. A child social worker needs skills, without skills they will not be able to do much. There are 3 main skills in which a child worker needs to be proficient in:active listening, critical thinking and social perceptiveness(careerinfonet. rg). The first one is an active listener giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made,and asking question. The next one is critical thinking using logic and reasoning to find a reasonable solution or an alternate one, being able to see the consequences of the outcome when it comes to the solution. The last one social perceptiveness looking at each point of view and understanding what the problem is and how it came to be.

There is not really a number to how many and individual needs to have ecause others might have a different point of view and say that you might need different set of skills. One could gain experience volunteering at a “ Boys and Girls Club”(ehow. com). That would be beneficial and I have volunteered their and my communication skills improved as well as my leadership skills. Leadership, communication, and active listening is what I would think would be propitious. Money is needed in an everyday life with its many useful uses, for example buying house products. As one man stated “Medicine: “Your money and your life! “”(Karl Kraus).

The standard beginning wage for a child social worker is between “$40,000 and $60,000 annually”(social workers. com). This annual salary I consider to be really commendable. The maximum salary one ca expect to earn is about “$72,760” and it increases by “$416 each year with experience” (social worker. com). This amount seems to agreeable since not many jobs offer that bundle. In addition the average person without a bachelors degree would earn “$10,000” less than a person with one. The more experience the more one gets, for example a “senior administrator will earn up to $100,000”(ehow. om). One goal added to my list to become a senior administrator and I am confident that I will achieve it. One must always work for the money that is why one should study be satisfied with the career they have chosen. A typical day at work should not be a dreadful but instead be something that you want be joyful while doing it. The usual hours of a child social worker is “ about 40 hours per week”(careerlocker. com). In my opinion the number of hours seem average and makes sense with the average amount of money they earn.

The following quote is agreeable about the best things about being a social worker “I like the fact that no two days are the same and each young person I work with has such fantastic qualities and resilience”(Amanda Mills). I agree with this quote since that is the same reason for why I want to be a social worker. Th most challenging parts about being a social worker are “The worst part of the job is probably the travelling as it can become quite tiring driving across the county and it can also impact upon the amount of children and young people that can be seen” (Amanda Mills).

My opinion is not so different but I think the hardest thing is the stress and how social workers have up to “15-21 cases” and not enough time to finish all the cases(bls. gov/OCO/). In order to get the career they want one has to got college. College the place after high school, the place where we become adults, the place where we decide our future. A college match that has everything that I want “a program to become a social worker” is Loma Linda University(Loma Linda University). A safety college would be the University of California, Irvine because “the required GPA is 3. ”( ehow. com). I am confident that I will be able to achieve this required GPA. The last would be my reach school and that is University of Dominguez Hills because of the “low GPA requirement and the social worker program” that they have(Amanda Mills). The annual tuition for Loma linda is “22,000” (llu. edu). The annual tuition of UCI is “23,000”(uci. edu). Finally the annual tuition for Dominguez Hills is “21,606”(collegedata. com). I think that is a lot and I think the I am going to have to get a lot scholarships.

In addition to that amount include books, and cost dorm plus food but if we subtract that I am sure it is much less. After all my research I am confident in my choice of career. Something that surprised me about being a social worker is the 3 main skills that are required. The three skills are active listening, logic thinking and social perceptiveness. After high school I would need to apply to programs in which it can improve my resume for and qualify for job. What I need to be successful in this job is have the skills, abilities, and training. I am now sure that my choice in becoming a social worker is the right one.