CALL rooms, Elio begins to realize that

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, the newest visual motion, independent film, directed by Luca Guadagnino. Call Me by Your Name portrays a sensual forth coming of age, first-love tale of two. Beginning the summer of 1983, somewhere in northern Italy, Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet) spends the most of his summer indoor his families 17th century villa. Withholding all his emotions into transcribing and playing classical music at heart, nonetheless reading away, while still maintaining the presence to flirt with one of his good friends Marzia. The adventurous 17-year-old endures a close relationship with his father. Elio’s father is a professor that specializes in the Greco-Roman Culture, embarking on little trips here and there. A specific day occurs when the Perlman family invites a 24-year-old college student graduate from America, Oliver (Armie Hammer) currently working toward his doctorate to live with them for six weeks. He arrives as an intern, tasked with helping Elio’s father with his work. Despite them sharing separate but adjoined rooms, Elio begins to realize that Oliver comes off as quite cocky. Everyday he’s joined with the family at dinner, soon leaving them with an inconsiderate way of saying ‘goodbye’, “Later” as Oliver likes to say. Elio assumes him to be impolite. As the summer progresses the attraction between Elio and Oliver deepens, “These outward behaviors mask the fact that there is a deep attraction between Elio and Oliver based largely on their admiration of the other’s intellect,” (IMBd 2017).  The two dare to share their time together, with Elio offering to kindly show Oliver around, starting with a trip into town. Elio indirectly informs Oliver that he has developed feelings for him. Eventually bringing him to one of his favorite spots, a creek that he claims as his. The two lay still in the grass after playing in the water, Elio deepened in his thoughts before Oliver speaks out, soon they share a kiss that turns their bond into a whole new level of belonginess toward one another. Furthering the summer, Elio and Oliver go on a three-day trip to Bergamo. Within those three days, Elio finds himself fantasizing about Oliver, knowing that after the three days are up Oliver must go back home and he’ll be left alone, heartbroken. Toward the end, Elio and Oliver stand at the train station, embarked in a hug before Oliver boards the train and he’s silently left alone, crying the entire way home. Elio must learn to adjust back to his old way of life but with Oliver on his mind, how easy is it? His life had completely changed forever within those light hearted six- weeks.