Business Ethics Reflection Essay

Rhonda Shaw XMGT/216 April 8, 2013 Jo Ann Johnson The correlation bordered by virtues, values, and moral concepts virtually depends upon the beliefs and morals that a person has obtained throughout their upbringing. Many things such as religion, friends, personal beliefs, family and a collage of other things keep people grounded to their personal and business values. All these things become instilled in a person over the course of time. It sort of becomes second nature for most individuals once it is taught to them.

This by any means does not make the decision-making process any easier, but it does help to get that person to the correct path of deciphering the proper decision. It ultimately comes down to what is right or wrong is built on our own beliefs. In today’s society, many people are faced with ethical dilemmas in their place of business. Daily, people are constantly posed with ethical dilemmas. The decision may not be the easiest one to make, but they always have a choice. They are not forced to do anything that their heart does not desire. Most people do not even realize that they make ethical decisions at work all the time.

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A good example of an ethical decision made at work is when an employee is late for work and notices that none of their co-workers or managers has noticed their tardiness. The dilemma here would be if that employee should clock in at the exact time they came, or clock in as if they were never late. This is something I have constantly seen throughout my many years of working. Stealing company time has got to be one of the biggest ethical issues among this country. I have seen plenty employees blend in to immediately and start their work like nothing ever happened.

They will take full advantage of the situation until they either get caught, or come close to getting caught. Engaging in this action violates every type of business ethic that exists. Personal values and business ethics can be very similar to one another without us even realizing. Business ethics are very similar to the same set of moral standards that society asks. These morals usually consist of not lying, stealing, or cheating, etc. It simply suggests that everyone should be held accountable for their own actions. Everyone has the choice of whether to make the right or wrong decision.

Regardless if it is a personal decision or business decision, the same guideline of ethics should be followed. This is why most businesses have things like codes of conduct, codes of ethics, rules, laws, etc. They teach people the proper way of conducting themselves morally in an origination. These rules should be taught everywhere for those people who did not have a proper upbringing. What is wrong to some people may be considered to be right in another person’s eyes. Stealing time or company tools maybe be completely justifiable on one employees behalf, but to another employee brought up on different standards it may be completely wrong.

It all comes down to deciphering what is right and wrong according to the way we were raised. In conclusion, ethics, morals, and values are one and the same. We all make decisions based on our personal beliefs; those beliefs could be personal, political, religious, and cultural. At least once, everyone in life will be faced not only with ethical dilemmas, but also ethical dilemmas in the workplace. This is something that will never change. There will always be unethical people in the world that are more than willing to do unjust things, for as long as they can.

They will continue to do those things until they are caught. That comes with the world we live upon. Personal values and business ethics will always correlate with one another in the business world. I state this mainly because a person’s personal values will more than likely determine their business ethics. When someone is naturally honest due to a good ethical upbringing, it will definitely reflect through their business ethics. The decisions in which they chose to create at their place of business will always be a reflection of how well they already conduct themselves in their everyday lives.