Bravery, greater impact to our lives and

Bravery, loyalty, and courage are one of the few things in bringing honor to a country. Military service is considered to be an honorable thing to do. I believe that the United States should have a similar policy where every citizen living in the country should serve in the military for at least 2 years.Serving in the military will benefit the country in a drastic way. Mandatory military service will not only aid national unity but it will also develop equality between citizens and will bring forth helpful/useful skills. National unity is promoted by mandatory military service because it enables all citizens to train and work together; thou allowing them to have that same shared experience of being able to serve in the military. By serving in the military, citizens are able to see and understand the hardships and sacrifices the troops went through. And promoting national unity will allow all the citizens to come together and deal with the threats from other countries.Mandatory military service also develop equality among citizens. Which means that it does not matter who the citizen is, celebrity, wealthy or the common people, they are not excused from fighting in a war; if one occurs or if the country needs more soldiers. Lastly, the citizens participating in the military can use the skills that they learned. The military life is an unforgettable experience to the point where all the things you learned will be carried on throughout your whole life. Habits like being discipline will be molded into each person that went in the military; which can help them live a healthy lifestyle after serving that two years. Also traits like teamwork and being responsible can help the person succeed in their jobs after the military service. As well as the self-defense skills that are taught in military will greatly benefit each citizens which will drastically reduce crimes in the country.Although mandatory military service have several drawbacks like violating the freedom of each citizens and risking more young lives. I still stand by my beliefs because mandatory military service will have a better and greater impact to our lives and country compared to not requiring each citizens to serve in the military. I feel like there are more pros than cons and the pros of mandatory service is by far way better than the cons of mandatory service.To sum it up, the advantages of mandatory military service have proved to be beneficial not only to the citizens but to the country as well. Benefits like aiding in national unity, promoting equality among citizens, and sharing/using of helpful skills are the main reasons on why the United States should impose a policy to require every citizens to serve in the military for at least 2 years.