Bird phone technology is human interaction. Accordingly

Bird (2016) reported, at
the time of hackers began attacks on mobile phones seriously Mobile malware
came up to the field. Due to the reasons of flexible open technology and large
market share most malware attacks are on the phones with Android operating system.  Apple Company use proprietary technology
which is harder to break. Android is not like apple, because it has more loop
holes open to welcome malwares. There are lot of attack routes in mobile phone
technology such as texting, email, Bluetooth, web browsing and etc. Thus,
security of smart phone technology is challenging task. The main purpose of a
smart phone technology is human interaction. Accordingly there are more chances
to trick operators as people are likely to watch on malicious videos and images
sent to a phone than to a computer. The reason behind this smart phone feels
more natural and familiar than PC.

According to George and Odgers (2015), due to the portability and
flexibility of function smartphones are an especially impactful technological

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Owen (2015) reported, use of phone is child
protection issue. Children are getting access to the technology too, parents
should give smartphones for their children whenever they are comfortable with
them watching pornography, because their interest will take them there. Unless
under the adult control, until 16, Children should not have a smartphone.

Smartphones aid decision making and
communication. Also due to increase responsiveness, and up-to-date information
facility, smart phones are advantageous to employees in completing their work.
It result in creating more flexible and productive workers. But According to
some authors, such as Yun et al. (2012) and Middleton (2007), office home
smartphone usage make higher amount of work-family conflict because of the
threating effect on workers’ family life.

Technology firms are at
least advocating for the creation of conflict-free goods, but they are
discovery the hard to implement such initiatives on a practical level. According
to the some businesses even debate that continuing to draw minerals from
the region could allow them to be a force for good. (Luckerson, 2014)


Smartphones can reveal a lot about people life such as where people live and work, who are the family
members , and friends of smartphone users, whey they communicate with them and users
personal habits. All of those data stored on them. Thus, it isn’t shocking that
smartphone users take steps to protect their privacy. They using PINs and passcodes to unlock their smartphones. If a person install a new
IOS or Android app, it asks the handler’s permission in advance accessing
personal information. This is a positive sign in general. Also some of the data
collected by apps are vital for them to work accurately. For example a map app
would not be nearly as beneficial if it could not use GPS data to catch a
location. The bad effect is that once an app has permission to collect that data,
it can share those personel data with anyone the app’s creator wants to. It is
a chance for third party companies to track the movements of the user. (The
conversation, 2017)