Bertrand Russell Essay

Bertrand Russell’s, “The Value of Philosophy” aimed at informing society the importance studying philosophy. It is not only for one’s own mind, but also for others around them as well. A union between the self and the not-self could easily be formed through the study of philosophy. In his thesis he states that philosophy should not be studied for the sake of achieving definite answers, but for the sake of asking questions. I agree with his thesis and look at philosophy in a different light now; philosophy is not meant to confuse a person, but to have their minds opened and freed. By asking questions we begin to look and everyday things differently, we fall out of the customs we have always followed in our lives.

I agree with Russell in the fact that by asking questions we free ourselves “from the tyranny of custom” and that this is a positive thing. People will begin to question their own beliefs and no longer judge a situation based upon what they have been taught their whole lives. Philosophy is not only about helping ourselves but it can help others around us, by stepping out our comfort zones and no longer being arrogant, hostile and racist towards some people we can make the world a tiny bit better. By not finding definite answers in philosophy we are strengthening our mind, which is healthy for everyone. We are liberating our minds and actually being practical for once, not only looking at material needs but the larger picture in life and how things came to be.

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