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Running head: SC300 UNIT 2 ASSIGNMENT SC300 Big Ideas in Science: From Methods to Mutation Unit 2 Project: Science Meets Real Life Jason Goldstein Kaplan University October 20th, 2010 SC300 UNIT 2 ASSIGNMENT A string of absences are currently being experienced at four different middle schools within the month of May. The percentage of absences is outside the statistically normal range exhibited by District 12. School District – Independent School District 12 Attendance data page. (n. . ). Retrieved October 24th, 2010, from “http://science. education. nih. gov/Supplements/NIH6/inquiry/Activities/activity1/school-district/attendance-data. htm” The Investigative Staff needs to establish if the information indicates a probable outbreak of an infectious disease, if one exists we must establish what type of disease, and the possible method(s) to how this exposure began. Testable Questions: 1. What percentage above normal statistics in the month of May, were absent? . What classes or course of study received the most absences? 3. How do the absences relate to one another? 4. Are the symptoms of the absent students consistent with one another? 5. Were any of the absent students at any school social events or competitions together? Hypothesis one: Utilizing the absence data given in regards to the month of May, along with parent interviews and calendar events we can compare absences and symptoms with recent calendar events.

Once we have an increase of absences we can start our trending of events (chart 3) who was involved and when they took place. We can then monitor what schools had direct contact with one another and process the results. Using the above listed data and overwhelmingly consistent student symptoms. I have determined that our recent influx of absences is due to a viral infection known as gastroenteritis commonly referred to as the Stomach Flu (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research). Initial spread of…

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