Barack Obama and John McCain Essay

Barack Obama and John McCain

            A national election is considered to be the most prominent publicly held events that could take place in the society. As such, in each country that makes use of democracy as their fundamental system of government, such national election is indeed of nationwide interest in which the future of the entire nation is at stake. On the other hand, the process of election is also considered as a grounding stage for the transition of management in governance that political positions in the government will undergo the phase of alterations wherein there is a big probability of change between the serving public officials and other political person in quest of being a public servant.

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In the United States, the national election is fast approaching in which the entire country now is paying greater attention in analysing as to who would be the most promising candidate that could lead the entire American nation towards building a stronger community and taking charge in reaching the American dream as the next president of the land.

The names of “Barack Hussein Obama” and “John McCain” are evidently among the most commonly heard names in the race for 2008 presidential election of the land. Hence, it could be said that these names are among the common interest of the people wherein these politicians are famous as the two main protagonists which represents their own political party and are indeed the admissible frontrunners in the 2008 national election.

Moreover, such national election is admissible to be a healthy public happening in which the people are provided with the accorded opportunity to practice their suffrage of their right to vote and are given with the absolute right to choose a political candidate of their own preference and judgment. However, in choosing a political candidate to vote, a thorough analysis of the characteristics of a specific politician in being a leader and a public servant is required.

            In addition to this, such public occurrence is measured to be a showcase of  various activities and gimmicks which the running political leaders utilizes to be able to send their messages to the common public or the voters such as their proposed political platforms, statements of advocacy and their standpoint amongst the social issues in which the country is experiencing.

Normally, the running politicians for a position in public service are busy campaigning and reaching out to the people with the aim to gather as many vote as possible to be able to win and out scored their opponent in the final count of ballot. As such, the internet website is perceived to be the most modern and largely meaningful campaign gimmicks in which the majority and indeed all of the public voters could access in the most convenient time they prefer.  In thoughts, two of the United States of America’s primary contenders in the 2008 presidential election namely John McCain and Barack Obama both have their own websites and equally share the opportunity to publicize their thoughts for the people to be able to further broaden their campaign in being the next president of the land.

In the website of Senator John McCain, the Republican primary candidate in presidential race, it can be said that his site is situated and is strategically designed to build a strong positive impression and a story of the life of senator John McCain as a leader, a politician, as a son and an soldier that would fight for his country and for his people.

In thoughts, the web pages of Senator John McCain are creatively designed and established by means of utilizing attention grabber material such as videos, likely colors, recent photographs and clear manuscripts. The main page of his online campaign site is filled with various comprehensive videos, including his paid television advertisement, that are all positioned to create a positive image of senator John McCain and explain to the American people what senator McCain is really made of as a leader and as a promising presidential candidate for the United States by means of depicting his factual experiences as a war veteran by means of motion documentary.

In a thorough observation, it can be said that the website of Senator McCain is primarily designed to help the American people in choosing a political leader like Senator McCain could lead the entire American nation as the next president of the land. As such, this persuasive campaign is done through the documentation of the actual experiences and the efforts the Senator McCain has done for the country, not only as a politician, but as a veteran and a prisoner of war.

Certainly, it can also be said that all of the data and information depicted in the website of Senator McCain are all true in which those are supported with factual documentations of the undertakings of Senator McCain as leader, a servant and potential candidate in being the next U.S. president.

The website of Senator Barack Obama from the Democrat, on the other hand, entails a totally different design and approach as compare to the webpage of Senator John McCain of the Republican. Unlike Senator McCain, most of the provided data and information in the website of Senator Obama are presented through the use of written documentation. As such, it can be said that the web pages of Senator Obama are done for his supporters in which it serves as a guide for these people with regard to the current events and developments in the campaign of Senator Obama.

In addition to this, it can be seen through the lay out of Senator Obama’s website that he prefers to keep his supporters updated of any development in his campaign by means providing comprehensive news in each of his activities and moves. As such, his online site is like a one stop shop for his campaign as this includes different links such as for his political views, proposed platforms, and personal thoughts about critical issues, and even Obama’s store for his political campaign material.

Certainly, it can be said that the data and information presented in the website of Senator Obama are all factual as most of these are written report of his political activities such as his political speech in every state that he has visited. In addition to this, it can be said that the online pages of Senator Obama are representation of his personal characteristics as a leader and a politician wherein all of the information and sections in his website are all arranged in a comprehensive and organized approach. As such, the colors in the website of Senator Obama is could be defined as creative and inspiring as it is have the shade of white and blue that most probably represent life or hope amongst the people of the United States.


With the above written commentary and rhetorical analysis of the online web pages or site from the two main protagonists in the 2008 U.S. presidential election namely John McCain of the Republican and Barack Obama from the Democrat, it is indeed that both candidates share an equal opportunity to further reach out to the American people by means of using the internet as a part of their campaign gimmicks. However, from a personal point of view, the writer perceived that the website of Senator John McCain is more entertaining and is interesting to visit as it utilized factual video documentation, done with perfection, in telling the life story and personal experiences of Senator McCain as a leader, a soldier and as a patriot that is willing to risk his life for his country and for his people. On the other hand, the writer considered the website of Senator Obama as informative in such a way that it provides factual report but is complicated with different links provided and bombarded list of information in one web page .

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