Banned Books Essay

The Bible, The Diary of Anne Frank, Huckleberry Finn, Harry Potter. These classic books have changed lives of many people, but for what? Witchcraft, Religion, racism? These books have been in are education program for educational purposes. Just because one person gets a little bit hurt because a book of all things said something that could corrupt there child’s learning is not right.

First children have a right to read whatever they choose, Citizens should have access to what they want and should not be controlled by the government, Adults should monitor what their children read but not have an influence on other children. The government and people of the U. S should not have control on what we read. Issitt argues that censoring books violates the First Amendment, stating that “citizens must be free to seek out any media, regardless of content, that they deem appropriate for entertainment, information, or education.

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Denying the rights of the consumer, in any area, is one of the hallmarks of authoritarianism. ” This amendment protects the freedom of free literacy. Citizens have a right to choose and read whatever text or literacy they want. Although banning books does not prevent information that children are exposed to but gives parents the rights to educate their children in the ways they fell are appropriate.

Although I feel that parents have the right to choose what their children read but, should not have the right to get it banned for the children whose parents do not limit to new experiences. Parents should be allowed to help and volunteer at schools. But when they start to inflict with education there are crossing a line. The school programs put those books in the education system for a reason and for parents to take them out is selfish. Influencing the schools is not only hurting your child but others as well.