Bad Incident Essay

(1) Media has always been the fastest way in transmitting news and information. Discuss the different types of media and their functions towards various industries. You are encouraged to compare between 3 different industries. (Exp. sports). INTRODUCTION Media being a bridge over which brand messages travel to reach the consumer. In the other way we can say is a method or way of expressing something. Communication through channels like news, entertainment, education, promotional messages is disseminated. Media includes broadcasting and narrowcasting medium like newspapers, magazine, T.V, radio, direct mail, fax, and very popular way internet.

With media we can communicate with around the word as well as we are aware about global news. We are aware about from the small people to V. I. P. people. Media is link fake news like a fire but on the safe side it helps a lot inform us about the realities as well. Media play very important role in our daily life. The word is moving towards progress in every walk of life. Media is necessary as food as clothing. Media brings the conclusion without fighting in personal ways. Media create image of popular people.

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Today we get so many media who give us news around the world. So many news channels like BBC world news. Hindi news channels Aajtak which is very famous news channel in India. Through radio like local station to national broadcasting. News papers and magazine. newspaper; There are so many types of news papers are available in the world. Like daily newspaper, Gujarat samachar, sandesh, divya bhaskar, London news and many more which are uncountable. Daily news papers covers local to international news. Some local news papers cover the some local areas news.

They give us detail of what happened around in the city as well as around the world. News channels: today we have so many news channels local to international. Like BBC word news. Aajtak news, and many more. For entertainment we have also so many channels who give us break for our daily tension. Like we can watch new movies or new reality show for kids or for adult, some family shows some cooking show. Some adventure shows like we can get all information just to sit in the corner and we get whole things around us. Some local channels also available.

They show us reality what happened and how things are going actually. We can see the live news real things for general to famous people. Television is different in any other kind of media. With television we can see the live things. Sometimes we cannot go in some of famous event like music, talk, so they broadcast live and we can watch at our place. They also show us reality of world . they cover whole story about any kind of field. Like business, entertainment, and many more Local television station are an often overlooked but extremely effective means of reaching large audiences.

Radio: most experienced media strategists. Radio often describe as the captive electronic medium. Because it reaches people while they are doing things in their car, on work place, home or in offices even while walking. each radio station have some special programming . news programming broadcasting important and breaking news . some public programs like interview or songs etc. they always prepare about all kind of news like business movies market even some small matter which very useful in our daily life. Radio gives good message with slogans.

Internet; today we all know without computer and internet our life is in half way. Kids, youngster, and everyone like to get information through internet . because it is very fast as well as it gives us news in second. So many web side who provide all types of news like sport, movies, events,drama,business,stockmarket and many more. So we all like to go either Google or any website. Each media has his own importance in the world like newspapers. television, internet. talking about compare about three media are printing media it is newspaper, magazine, poster. yellow pages. television and radio.

All media play very important role in each industry compare Sports: talking about first media is print media it is news paper magazine and posters. With this we can get the news about sports. Like what is upcoming game which game is very popular in these days? They are very particular with the language because news paper is very famous media and it is reach very fast to people. But we cannot see the live game through newspaper or magazine. We just image the game because mostly news paper coming out in the early morning they publish news in the night so the next day news we cannot get.

Second one is radio through radio we can hear the all kind of news they have special news about match but they have to be very particular about the sound and pronouns because what they say through air if people not understand they have no interest to listen the live match score or other kind of game . now in this days they use digitalization. So sound is more clear and frequency is also much better. Third one is television. This is very famous media now in this day. this is highly commercialized. There is mass market advertising through T,V. we can see the live match on the same day same time.

And we can save our rather to going there. we have now so many sports channels that provide daily sports events. Different types of game they always broadcast . example like ESPN, star sport ,DD sports, star cricket many more. Who live broadcast match . they use high new technology to take live match. So it is much better to sit at home and watch our game. (2) movies; through print media like they always publish news about upcoming new movies. About actor actress and many more things which related to film industries. Like we have star dust and empire magazine film maker magazine so they publish more news for daily film life.

But we cannot see them face to face. Just we read what they publish in the magazine so some time we cannot get the true information. Talking about radio today mostly local radio station they always broadcast the film news. They talk about the movie and songs and feedback about the new movies. So we just hear the sound but cannot see. it is to get information through radio because no matter where you are you can just play the radio. Now we have radio mirchi, IMDB radio. Television: today so many movies channel we have. Which are telecast every day news from movies. Like star movies.

Hindi movie, HBO and many more which are uncountable today. They always give the fresh news as well as new movies news. So need to in theater and waste our money just on the channel and we can see the movie with high definition. Real picture we can enjoy at our home. Business; talking about business today so many magazine and special news paper we have who give us business news or business tycoon. which business is more powerful in today world? Veture,time,Inc and many more so they give detail information about news. Radio; through radio they always give news about stock market as well as new business .

BFM. they always give news about business. But we just hear the news how business running we cannot see. Television; today mostly people like to do business through T V because it is cover more audience rather than the other media. We can see live show and feedback for business. So people know which business is good for them. Conclusion So in conclusion each media has his own identity and own responsibility. We can say like this media is not. Because all provide information as soon as they get. If in our life we do not have media we cannot connect to the world.

We never aware about the things which are always happen in the world. So media is very important part for our life. (2) Some people say that to reduce traffic congestion in large cities, governments should act to reduce the number of cars on the roads. Others say that it is the responsibility of individuals to use cars less and public transport more. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Introduction Transportation moves people and good from one place to another using a variety of vehicles across different infrastructure system. It is saves people time and money.

Transportation is lifeline of any nation connecting people supporting the economy and facility the delivery of vital good and services. Transportation is often divided in two categories. One is public transportation and second is private transportation. Public transports are bus car train flight and boat. And private transport means car motorcycle bicycles. Both are has it is own valued in our daily life. Public transports: public transports give people chance to get around town to run important errands like picking up groceries at the store. Public transports help everyone who cannot affordable to buy their own private vehicles.

Trains are open to everyone who can pay the fare which is especially helpful for those on a budget, public transport definitely make our society better in many ways. Public transport is well operated by a specialized company or government. Public transportation makes you more socialized and personal mobility and freedom people every walk of life. Cost convenience and environmental advantage of using public transportation. Many people who are looking how to save the money. People who live in rural area or city areas often have the option of public transportation at least for the daily work.

There are many advantages to using public transports. If we compare the money of parking fuel maintenance you will find that a monthly commuting pass is far for more economical. Mostly bus and train they have fix schedule that you can set your commuting time around. We not need to fine parking place. When you drive the car you spend time more when you travel by bus or train you can spend time with yourself. With environment that is taking his or her own vehicle is causing some individual pollution. So if so many cars in cities mean it is damage the greenery in cities. Public transports are more beneficial.

Challenges helping to bring a better quality of life. Public transport like buses subways commuter trains cable cars ferries public transport save fuel reduces congestion . catching public transport may be up to four times cheaper than travelling in your car walking to and from public transport add valuable minutes to your daily exercise total. It is also less stressful than driving you. In bus allowing reading listen music. Like you can take a break from your busy day. Public transports less carbon monoxide than a fuel car. Congestion is very less on the road. Travelling by bus or train is often the quickest way to get somewhere.

There are no petrol or vehicles repair cost. Traffic accident is less because it offers a safer driving. People can easily meet new people riding in the bus is relaxing number of parking fees reduction of dependence on foreign oil. With public transport we would be able to reduce the amount of pollution and environmentally friendly. It is great start to savings the world from global warming. Personal transportation: private transportation is car motorcycle bike. Having own car is easier than public transport to reach your work place. This mode of transport does away with the stress of having to book tickets for train or bus.

Personal mobility and independence. Means people can go for shopping workplace and other place where they want in any time. With your own transport you can do anything. If an emergency case like if someone serious in middle of the night you not need find bus or train or public car. If you have your own transport you can save person. With your own car you can anywhere and enjoy your holidays with your family in your time. A nuclear family can streamline coasts by travelling to having your own transports. You can choose which road do you want go and which road is closer than the others.

With public transports you need to follow their schedules while if you have your own transports you can leave house on your time like no rushing for anything. With your own transport you can save money and time. the private transport system relies on an extensive road system private transports result in saving time and it is totally different from the public transport since it takes the timetable . our individual right are our moral principles freedom and action in a social context. Our requires right to those actions necessary to supports his own life. In point of my both transports has own facilities.

Both are necessary in our life. But I like to choose public transports. There are so many reasons behind this. Public transports save fuel and reduce the congestions. So more people can go one time in any place. With public transports we can save money. No need to pay every toll texts. It is gives more opportunity for job. We can connect with more different people on bus stand or railway stations. Make you happier. When we travel in public transport we can enjoy our time with our self like listing music reading book. Talk with other people. So it is gives break in our hectic time.

Public transport we can save our world like global warning. If more cars more smoke come out from the car and it is affected to the green world. With public transports we can save economic situation. Conclusion In conclusion public transports are more use full rather than the private transports. It is saves our time money. Our life is more flexible with public transports. We can save our world with global warming to less use private transports. If more private transports means we need more land for parking and we cut the more tree. More construction in city. And it is very harmful for human. So public transports is better.