At alliance because they were the only

the end of the 19th century the Balkans was a part of the Ottoman
Empire that was ruled by Turkey. The Empire was declining, so Russia and
Austria-Hungary saw this as an opportunity to expand and take territories from
it. Some Balkan states like Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia who wanted to become independent.
“The next great European war will probably come out of some damned foolish
thing in the Balkans.” Otto von Bismarck, German statesman, 1888. This quote is
somewhat true since the Balkans contributed to outbreak of WW1 in some ways.

First Balkan War of 1912 started because the four independent countries:
Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Montenegro wanted to take control of territories from
the failing Ottoman Empire. Russia encouraged them to create a loose alliance
and wanted to divide Albania, Macedonia, and Thrace between each other. They
added Greece into the alliance because they were the only ones who had a navy that
could stop the Turks from reinforcing their army in the Balkans. The war ended
with the Treaty of London. This war made Serbia bigger and stronger.

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after the First Balkan War, the Second started just a year later. Bulgaria wasn’t
happy with what it had received from the first war. Bulgaria proceeded to attack
Serbia. They were almost successful until Greece stopped them. Romania decided
to join the war on Serbia’s side that’s when the Bulgarians knew it was time to
stop and agree to an Armistice. Serbia became even bigger than it was just a
year before this war. They posed a threat to Austria-Hungary’s ambitions in the

wanted to destroy Serbia, but they knew that wouldn’t be possible because Russia
would be against that. That’s where the Germans come in. Germany saw Russia as
a threat. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the Balkans was also
one of the causes of World War 1. Many events occurred after the assassination.
Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia for the attack. Germany forced Austria-Hungary to
declare war on Serbia. Germany went to war with France and Russia. They thought
they could defeat France fast enough before Russia could come to their aid.

all wanted to start a war, but everyone had a different reason to do so.
Germany wanted to expand, France wanted to regain what they lost at Rhine,
Britain didn’t want to allow Germany to increase its influence in the Middle
East and Africa, and Russia wanted to take control of territory from the
failing Ottomans.