Asset or not? You can have this

Asset Protector is a term life insurance which protects your life along with your interests and assets. The sum assured by the policy starts from RM100,000 and has a coverage term of 5 years that can be renewed.

Features and Benefits

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The features and benefits that the policy offers are:

·         The minimum sum assured by the policy is RM100,000.

·         There is no limit on the maximum sum assured and it is subject to underwriting.

·         The coverage term is 5 years. On expiry, you can always choose to renew the policy.

·         On death, your loved ones will receive the entire basic sum assured.

·         If you are diagnosed with a total and permanent disability (TPD), you will receive the whole of basic sum assured.

·         While the policy is in force, you can choose to transform it to a new non-term policy without the need of a fresh underwriting.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for purchasing the insurance policy are:

·         You must not be less than 16 years of age.

·         Your age must not exceed 65 years.

Gibraltar BSN Asset Protector Insurance for Foreigners

Gibraltar extends the insurance policy to foreigners. You can purchase the policy even if you stay abroad.

Gibraltar BSN Asset Protector Insurance Calculator

Are you not sure if you can afford an insurance policy or not? You can have this rectified using the Calculator page provided on the official website of Gibraltar. You can enter the details such as your age, annual income, the expected increase in annual income and the debt you have currently.

You can then figure out the estimation on the cover you are eligible for and the income you can expect in the next 10 years.

Gibraltar BSN Asset Protector Insurance Claims

You have to follow the following steps to submit your claim:

·         Check if the type of claim you are going to submit is covered in your policy document.

·         If yes, go on and check if you have ever made claims from the same policy and when the last claim was made.

·         Make sure if your policy is still in force or not.

·         You can then head-in to the nearest branch office and notify the insurance company that you want to make a claim.

·         Gibraltar representatives will verify your documents and hand over the claim forms for you to fill them. Also, they will let you know on the other supporting documents you need to submit along with the filled claim forms.

·         Once you submit the claim forms and the supporting documents asked for, the representatives will process your claim request.

·         Upon approval, you will receive your claim benefits in a few working days’ time.

Gibraltar BSN Asset Protector Insurance Contact Information

If you would like to know more about how the insurance policy works or if you have any queries about your existing insurance policy, you can send your queries via email to the email address [email protected]

You can also get the solution for your queries by talking to Gibraltar’s customer service representatives on the number:

·         1-300-22-6262, for Malaysian customers

·         +603 2687 2020, for overseas customers

How to Cancel Gibraltar BSN Asset Protector Insurance Policy?

You can cancel your insurance policy by writing a request letter to the insurance company. If you cancel the policy within a fortnight from the date of policy delivery, then you will get a refund of the premium and other fees and charges you have already paid.

Gibraltar BSN Asset Protector Insurance FAQs

Q. Can I add extra benefits to my policy in the form of riders? What are the available options?

A. Yes. You can always choose to get extra benefits on your policy. The available options are given below:

·         Gibraltar BSN Critical Care

·         Gibraltar BSN Medic & Medic Plus

·         Gibraltar BSN Medic & Medic Plus Coinsurance Waiver

·         Gibraltar BSN PA

Q. How should I buy the Asset Protector insurance policy?

A. There are two convenient methods to buy the insurance policy:

·         You can contact a Gibraltar agent.

·         You can visit the nearest Bank Simpanan Nasional branch to purchase the insurance policy instantly.

Q. Is it possible to get coverage of RM200,000 out of this policy?

A. Yes. RM100,000 being the minimum basic sum assured, you can get a cover of RM200,000 from the Asset Protector policy.

Q. When should I contact the insurance company if I want to convert this policy to a non-term one?

A. You can contact the insurance company at any point in time if you want to convert the 5year policy into a non-term policy.

Q. What is the upper bound on age limit to renew my insurance policy?

A. You can renew your insurance policy until you reach an age of 65 years.