As This distinct imbalance in the federal

As of 2005, the federal Australian
parliament has an absence of a political body, to represent the indigenous
population. This distinct imbalance in the federal parliament is striking, as
it is an insult towards the true holders of the land. Morever, the impact this
would have on Australia’s multi-culturism affairs, as well as the view people
and tourists would have of the country; will be explored through in my task.

compared to its neighbour: New Zealand, have shown to take on a great initiative
to preserve the culture and language of the local people. Examples of this
include how New Zealand have made ‘Maori’ , part of their 3 official languages,
aswell as the government, playing an active role, in raising awareness through
setting up organisations aimed at preserving language and sparking an interest
amongst the youth in particular. An example of this would be how the words to
the ‘Haka’, is something that is instilled within people, from a young age.
They have a sense of pride when carrying out this dance, as commonly seen with
the New Zealand Rugby Team; no matter which background or ethnicity the player
is from, everyone has memorised the words (derived from Maori) and are able to
show this . This is one example through which language is being preserved and
passed down , thus keeping it alive, which bonds the culture together. Australia
has set the record, for linguicide, with 92% of the indigenous languages, that
have ‘died out’ (according to linguist Professor Ghil’ad

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.I would like to write a letter , directed
towards the Australian parliament, pressing on this very issue, in a plea, for
the Australian parliament to take action in saving what is left of the
endangered native languages. Moreover, I will be writing as a member of the IWC
(Indigenous Wellbeing Centre), which is a non-charitable, community based,
service provider. I will contrast how New Zealand have taken initiative
demonstrate how language and meaning are shaped by culture , which will show
how vital it is for the conservation of the Aboriginal culture, for language to
be preserved. Lastly, benefits of doing so will also be discussed, as well as
how positively it will affect Australian Affairs and how the embellishment of
the language will make the indigenous people, feel much more appreciated and