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As multimedia designers, we need to look at how technology is impacting the way students think and process information and how we can integrate the technology into teaching and the learning process. Virtual reality is raising in the mainstream gaming industry with many different platforms, tools, and games to choose from. By taking VR, we can use the technology to support many different learning styles and strategies. Our virtual reality environment will focus on the three main fundamentals of basketball: dribbling, passing and shooting. The game is designed for beginners or a refresher for experienced players. Students are able to use the game for: entertainment, learning a new sport or practicing drills before trying out for a basketball team. In today’s world, coaches are given multiple roles and responsibilities, so not every student is going to get the hands-on training that  is required to master a certain fundamental. By spending time working on the basic technique in practice, players will forget their bad habits and learn to become better players overall. This virtual reality environment can provide the support needed to train the student in hands-on drills and practices. Virtual reality offers engaging and immersive experiences, where students can develop a hands-on approach giving students a real-time experience that helps them digest and retain information at a much higher rate. Trying to understand certain techniques can be difficult via traditional learning. Virtual reality helps by giving the learner rich multimedia options.Our VR experience provides learners with both spoken and printed form so learners can choose the presentation format that best fits their learning style. Instruction should be accommodating and flexible to both the auditory and visual learner. Some of the key terms mentioned in this module may be new to some, so we provided text within the environment that will support their learning. Coach V. is the pedagogical agent that will guide the student throughout the game.  Coach V. will personalize his speech and gestures to tailor each student’s needs. One of the major importance of an agent is to foster a positive and a meaningful learning environment. Coach V will analyze and provide on-the-spot feedback to each student before moving on to the next lesson. The content is segmented throughout so the information is presented in an organized fashion. It is accompanied by either images, video and practice simulations and demonstrations since learners generally comprehend more with interactivity.G11  We avoided including too much information in a single lesson. Multimedia lessons should be focused and to the point. Adding superfluous words and graphics can lead to overload. Within our learning environment, we are including an introduction to some basketball key terms that we believe will be helpful to the learners to know before continuing further in the learning environment. Lessons are presented with the core content with the minimal amount of words and graphics needed to help the learner understand the main points. Because this is a self-paced module Learners have the capability to re-take each lesson if he or she needs more practice mastering the skills needed for the fundamental.