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As a child, I have seen my family where each one of them holds a good position in their respective fields. It has always been inspiring to see them work with passion in their workplace. Stories have been told to us about our great grandfather who was the first engineer of his times and the respect he holds in the family. This rooted a strong desire for me to do engineering. It has always been my ambition to be a better person than yesterday in both technical and personal aspects. I have spent my childhood dismantling things and fixing them back. This has been my favorite pastime ever since then.

Even during my school days science fairs have been my thing and I always took part in them with utmost activeness. My enthusiasm towards arithmetic and material sciences pushed me to pick these two fields as majors at the pre-university level and scored 85%. It was at this point that I developed an interest in the field of electronics. My primary and secondary education came to an end with an aggregate of above 80%.

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After completing junior college it was time to choose a college for my under-graduation, keeping my anxiety to explore new places and wanderlust in mind. My passion propelled me to apply for undergraduate studies in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I stood among the top 5% of 1, 50,000 applicants in the entrance exam. I got admission to the prestigious Sathyabama University, Which is the oldest and reputed Deemed University, which is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

In my early years of undergraduate studies, I was acquainted with an arrangement of courses in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. I have profited from the expansiveness of the syllabus. It has provided me a thorough introduction to the central ranges of electrical and hardware and a solid calculated understanding of the same. The nature of not being persuaded by a truth or an announcement unless and until I get to the crux of it has additionally helped me to get a handle on the essentials in the central subjects of Electrical and Electronics. This course has offered me subjects like Network Analysis, Electronic Device and Circuits, Signals and Systems, Control Systems, Mat lab, VLSI, Mobile communications and various communication-related courses. At our tech center, I learned coding language like Computer Programming, MATLAB, HFSS, and HDL (XILINX). Out of 8 semesters in my undergraduate, I have successfully completed 6 semesters with an aggregate of 7.3 C.G.P.A with no history of arrears and looking forward to completing the remaining two semesters graciously.

When it comes to Tamil Nadu is a Wonderful state with an ethnic touch and unique cultures. It has been three years living here and fourth year ongoing at the university in the stream of Electronic and communication. The campus department life has been a lesson learning journey where I got to learn many things from my seniors as well as the Professors Here. The Infrastructure available in the university has helped me in developing my skill sets in both extra-curricular and co-curricular. Having a developing interest in Electronics and communication I have also presented papers and have done many works


It all started with Implant training in “Basic Telecommunication” at BSNL-Regional Telecommunication Training Centre, Hyderabad in December 2015. There I acquired the basic knowledge of Telecommunication. In for there, I did my mini project in the field of image processing titled ‘Efficient brain tumor classification using the DWT, GLCM and Neural Networks’ in BSNL-Regional Telecommunication Training Centre, Hyderabad in December 2016. This project presents an efficient method of classifying MRI brain images into normal, benign malignant tumor images using a probabilistic neural network with the radial basis function. The Recommended approach gives very auspicious results in classifying MR images.

In my 6th semester, I grabbed the opportunity of doing an internship and project at Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) which is a Government of India Enterprise under the Department of Atomic Energy, established on April 11, 1967, by A. S. Rao at Hyderabad, to create a strong indigenous base in electronics. This was one of the finest technical experiences which lasted for a period of one month with VLSI as the main subject using Xilinx software and learning various modules involved in it. After the training, we got a chance to show our learned skills by doing a project with guidance from the people of the same organization. The title of the mini-project is ‘Design and verification of carrying select adder for low area applications’. Where I gained practical experience in designing a circuit digitally and implementing the working.

Strong motive towards knowledge in the subject leads me to do research and publish a paper. In my 7th semester under the guidance of our dean I was able to publish a paper on the topic – “The Two Dimensional Stockwell Transform Based Image Fusion for Combining Multifocal Image” which is presented and published in International Conference on Intelligence Sustainable System (ICISS – 2017) which is organized by IEEE in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India. The main theme and abstract of the paper go as follows. In a real-time image acquisition, especially in the areas of remote sensing and telemedicine, capturing the entire scenario/specimen/scene is not possible even with high-resolution sensors. Hence repeated image analysis is done on a large set of images. It increases the computational complexity of the analysis system, especially when a large set of images is to be analyzed. Hence it is necessary to identify a technique that reduces the computational time. One such technique is image fusion which allows a set of images to be combined. Stockwell transform provides frequency, time and phase information. In this work, a set of multifocal images is acquired and Stockwell transform is applied to this image. Later appropriate fusion rules are used to combine these features and inverse Stockwell is used on the fused image to obtain the original image.


I have started working on a subject along with my team as a part of my final year project titled ‘Conversion of Hand Script into Documentary by using Advance Neural Networking System’. The main objectives and abstract of the project are to convert the handwritten texture into respective documents by using advanced neural networking system. At present there are some of the techniques are available, but our main aim is to develop a technique with more efficiency and high accuracy.

Along with these extra-curricular activities such as being a member and vice president of   the Dr. Kalams science club, I got a chance to explore various events in and around Chennai. It has always been a great experience working for events organized by the Community Development club which includes visiting primary schools to share our knowledge with them and spending quality time with older people in old age homes.

Masters is a gateway to expand my knowledge in the field of Electrical & Electronics. Being fascinated by the circuits and their working, I am looking forward to going keen on that subject. It has always been proven that perfection on a subject would help the person excel in that field and that gave me a boost to take a further step and pursuing masters.


A stellar faculty and the incredible coursework are the components that have propelled me to apply to the University of Waterloo for a Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer. Taking everything into account, I believe that the quintessence of university training lies in the synergistic relationship between the understudy and the area of expertise. I feel that graduate studies at your University will be the most legitimate expansion of my scholastic interests and a real step towards attaining targets. My studies will help me gain the flexibility expected to achieve my maximum capacity as an architect.


I sincerely hope you consider me deserving of this opportunity.