As a holistic understanding of how the

As someone who found it difficult to commit to a specific career choice when asked the all too common question “What do you want to do in the future?”, Business would always be my go to answer, as although I was indecisive about my exact choice of career, I was fully aware of the expansive and diverse range of courses within, or associated with, Business, and the almost endless career opportunities I could pursue just by studying something business related. Business is a subject that is rich in information and rich in teaching; a subject that has a diverse array of topics that once studied will provide you with a holistic understanding of how the world interacts and operates on a day to day basis, and the acquirement of skills such as finance and human relations, which are completely relevant to society today. I therefore would love to be given the opportunity to study this life changing and enriching subject at your university so I can have the freedom to either join a well established company with the skills that I will acquire or even be inspired to establish a company of my own.I attended King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls for secondary school, a school I was determined to get into from when I visited it on an open day. Whilst there I undertook the role of Vice Captain where I assisted the Captain of the form by running errands relevant to the form and being a spokesperson. By doing this I gained responsibility as well as leadership and communication skills. An example of when these skills were displayed was when I had to assist the form in organising a party for senior citizens, where our form was in charge of entertainment for the event. I had a responsibility to ensure that tasks that were meant to be carried out had been carried out and I had to communicate with my form to ensure things had been done. This is relevant to the course I want to study as whilst undertaking my degree I need to be able to communicate effectively with members of my team in group tasks to ensure tasks are done and I will also have a responsibility to carry out the duties I have been assigned in that group as well as assign tasks efficiently if I have taken up a leadership position.