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Are you trying to experience a different kind of ambiance in the city?  Avoid the classic romantic candle light dinner?  Well, Cowboy Jack’s is the place for you.  A trip into the past is exactly what Cowboy Jack’s accomplishes. It brings the Wild West to life. There isn’t a surface in sight not covered in rustic wood or weathered leather, but with today’s country music pumping it gives the place a modern twist. Free popcorn and peanut shells litter the floor, and y’all can even take a wild ride on the mechanical bull. Cowboy Jack’s includes all the ingredients needed for a fun night out!The staff are warmly welcoming, but still completely professional. They bring the saloon to life giving it a western feel. The staff roam around in their jeans and flannels with smiles drawn across their faces and their hair pulled back into themed bandannas.  The waiters/waitresses are helpful, attentive, and try to make your experience as memorable as possible. The casual menu is unique, with its western theme, offering a variety of vittles from country nachos to the cowboy burger.  From appetizers to handcrafted burgers, all are offered at a relatively expensive price, ranging from $6.50 to $16.95. The burger tasted like the ideal backyard burger.  The patty was tall and hidden underneath a melted sheet of cheddar cheese.  The kitchen had charred the exterior of the burger, but left the inside perfectly pink. And to top it off, shredded lettuce that had wilted slightly, along with crisp, cool tomatoes, and raw onions. It was all held together by a soft, fresh bun. All the elements married together creating a satisfying cheese burger.The fries were perfectly prepared.  They were piping hot and pleasingly crisp, with the initial crunch revealing the airy and starchy fluff sealed within them.  Even the salt itself was perfect.  The crystals weren’t too big or too small, and there was just enough of it to make these babies dangerously addictive without ever becoming overly salty.If that wasn’t enough to please your pallet, you could wet your whistle at the rustic saloon.  They have the variety, from kiddie cocktails for your little cowgirl to some Jack Daniels for the dusty cowboy.After a wild ride, and some fancy vittles you can finally saddle up because it’s time to head ’em up and move ’em out before before your stomach starts screaming for more!