Anu is one of the seven Sumerian

Anu was the
highest heavenly god in Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian myths and was the
King of the gods. He had jurisdiction and destroyed evil by creating stars as
soldiers. He is one of the seven Sumerian gods. Hieroglyphics name means
‘heavenly god’ but sometimes it means ‘heaven’. The name itself could mean
“god,” but it is not usually used in Sumerian. His father and mother
are called Anshar and Kishar, but they do not have any status in mythology. It
is accepted that it is possible to distinguish ‘sky’ from ‘horizon (ansar)’ and
‘horizon (kisar)’ simply. In general, many of the mythical supremacy rule the
heavens and the earth, and the inner ruleth only heaven. It is because he has
given the real authority and all the land to Enlil and has ascended to heaven.

It is rarely mentioned in myths to rule the sky without interfering with the
earthly affairs, but when the gods are in crisis, he came down to the ground.

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Among them are Enlil, the wind god and the real power of the gods, the god of
water, the creator of man Enki, the goddess of the 300 gods of

( are also his offspring. The genealogy of the Sumerian gods is the
Father of all gods. The seven gods that determine fate all have numbers that
symbolize their gods, and the number that symbolizes them is ’60’, which
symbolizes perfection.