Another learn the lesson and care it.

advantage of distance learning is saving time. Time is an important phenomenon
for all of us. We arrange ourselves according to time we have. We have a lot of
things to do in a day; taking the class is one of them. We should choose what
we do at what time, and where. Going a place and having unnecessary breaks are
taking our time. Don’t you think that we waste our time on the school way?
Especially, if our home is not close to the school, we have to leave home 2
hours before the lesson time. Also, there is a lot of free time between courses
at school, and you have to wait until the lesson begins. In distance learning,
you don’t need to think these problems because you can take your course
whenever and wherever you want. You can watch however you want. Even you don’t
have to dress properly. When the matter is about education nobody should say
something about what you wear. You can take a break if you need. Time is the
critical issue in the education, and you can use time better in distance

is a group of people who say that students don’t listen or watch the lesson in
distance learning. They think that students open the video but don’t care the
lesson and don’t watch it. They say it isn’t efficient enough to educate
people. This opinion isn’t true because a student should know his
responsibilities for being successful in his life, and his lessons too. If a
student doesn’t want to listen to the lesson, he won’t listen to it at school
anyway. During the lesson, he talks with his friends or draws something on his
book. He does anything except for listening to the lecturer. This student goes
to school due to absenteeism. This behavior isn’t related to distance learning;
it is related to the type of the student. With distance learning’s good
quality, we will have better students. Because there will be good quality
students who really want to learn the lesson and care it. In distance learning,
students also learn how to be a strong-willed person. Moreover, distance
learning develops your self-discipline. Nobody warns them to listen carefully,
they should already think that, and take notes on the topic during the lesson.
There is a wrong idea, and we should correct it. Distance learning is more
beneficial than traditional education.

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