Another irrelevant. All races were now relevant.

Another similar example of cultural racism due to race9 is the shooting of Trayyon Martin who was 17 years old. He was shot dead by neighbourhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman (2012) just because he was wearing a black hoodie. “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.” (Geraldo Rivera 2012, Fox News). Hours later people on twitter began the hashtag #blacklivesmatter which brought a lot of attention. Cultural racism is “negative ethnic stereotyping that leads to racist effects,” such as social exclusion or violence. Cultural racism constructs groups from perceived ideological differences such as culture and religion. Many scholars have referred to this occurrence as the “culturalization of races”. This is because cultural racism’s rhetoric focuses around the “irreducibility of cultural differences” among ethnicities as opposed to the outright conflict among races.

During the 1970s and 1980s however, the U.S. and some European nations, including Britain, began to accept and even celebrate the cultural differences of racial groups. Racial minorities, including indigenous and immigrant groups, embraced their cultural roots. All cultures became valued equally. In this sense, society had become “color-blind.” That is, “color” was irrelevant. All races were now relevant.

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To conclude, cultural racism operates more indirectly & covertly. Racism is a power relation deployed to maintain domination via hierarchically categorising groups. There are different accounts of racism in society that indicate it is contested and controversial. Ultimately, the issue here is “racism without race” as sociologist Eduardo Bonilla-Silva calls it. The more we presume that race is limited to just skin colour, the less we get to understand about contemporary racism. It is time to teach the younger generations that racism is much more than just the white-black division. Evidently, racism is changing in its form every day, but it is still alive and occurring every day. There is, however, hope. There are many useful things when helping to combat racism of all types. Affirmative action has been chosen to increase achievement from oppressed racial groups. It is a very difficult yet ambitious system to implement. It has many problems with it, however, it helps close the racial social and economic gaps in society. There is also a countercultural movement against racism, which is more reliable. This movement is designed to teach people to empathise with people of racist and to fight against racism of all types. The best way to stop any kind of racism is through education, especially educating the younger generations. If we begin to teach the youth about ‘new racism’, we as people of the world can stop racism as a whole. Cultural racism is something that can be defeated.