Ankush developed both in my coursework and


Ankush Bhandare
2040 N Beverly Plaza, Apt. 203
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 302-7609
[email protected]


Dear Recruiting Manager,

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I am applying for the position of GSRC Graduate Assistant, which
was advertised in the e-mail sent dated Jan 24, 2018. The position appears to
quite relevant to my education, work experience, and my career interests.

I am currently studying Master of Science in Computer Science
program at California State University Long Beach and will be graduating in May
2019. My undergraduate and graduate studies have included various courses like Software
Testing and Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, Data Structures, Software
Development, Artificial Intelligence, etc. I realize the position needs an
applicant who has knowledge of User Experience, usability testing and possesses
qualities like Excellent verbal, written, interpersonal communications skills,
team player. These are skills I developed both in my coursework and in my 3
years of work experience at Infosys Ltd. Pune, India and here, while working with
Beachfund on campus.

I have achieved 28/30 in writing section of TOEFL exam, 15/18 in
GWAR Placement exam which showcases my professional writing. Also, my
experience as the Treasurer of Computer Engineering department and coordinating
various events in college and office will help me here for promotional
purposes. I believe that my professional expert foundation and objectives
appear to be in line with your requirements. I am optimistic that I can
accomplish the job diligently, and I am excited about the opportunity of working
with you.

I’d appreciate the chance to discuss with you how I could contribute
to Graduate Studies Resource Center and the university. You may reach me at the
telephone number or e-mail address mentioned above.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward hearing from you.



Ankush Bhandare