An to investigated the effect of white

An  experiments was conducted with university students to investigated the effect of white noise and with no white noise during a visual presentation of words and pictures on short -term memory tasks. The concept that individual might recall more pictorial with white noise recall and then words have had a phenomenal impact on cognitive psychology.  The dated is named the picture superiority effect. As this raises to the view that human memory has the components to structures a belief that ideas that are learned by looking at pictures are easier to remember than  word which insurers can be retrieval quickly.


According to Vanessa Rausch, Eva Bauch, and Nico Bunzeck, (2013) of the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf, they define the effects of the white noise in the brain during a memory task. Their founding suggests that white Nosie aids with memory recall tasks.

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 According to Bunzeck, (2013) who stated that “white noise could mostly be useful to ease knowledge in people who have memory deficits caused by changes in the mesolimbic system, such as older adults”. There is a power in visual information processing and retrieval recall over longer periods of time.  undefined


It is hypothesised that participants which were exposed to white noise memorised more words and pictures will have a greater recall than participants who were not exposed to white noise during the task recall. Also the negative hypothesis is that there will be no difference in the number of recall between the two conditions (experimental condition, white noise and controlled condition, no noise)


The study suggests that an exposure to background noise improved performance for recall only by a small significant rate, however, our data show that cognitive performance can be moderated by external background white noise stimulation in a non-clinical group of participants. The finding  suggest that the study needs to be replicating in a larger sample using different noise levels to understand the effect  white noise has on improve memory.