An into one another causing a loud

evening accompanied by a wonderful scene of sunset, as if the sun was waving
good bye to us. Everyone was celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival also known as the Mooncake
Festival in this moment. Children were ready to play with their lanterns,
candles and others were waiting to admire the full moon along with their loved
ones. Whereas I was spending quality time with my grandfather in the garden
because we had not seen each other in a while, we had a lot to catch up and we
were exchanging many stories to one another.

if everything was going peacefully, I heard a screech from what sounded like a
tyre of motorcycle. I saw my grandfather’s face contorted as if he had a heart
attack. I turned my head and two motorcycles crashed into one another causing a
loud ‘BANG’ sound. One of the motorcyclist flew out and landed onto the nearest
roadside verge while the other two huge Indian guys just fell off from the
motorcycle. After the crash, there was a moment of silence. All that happened
in a split second and fear overwhelmed us.

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noise of the accident attracted the curiosity of the neighbours. Some of them
could not resist their natural curiosities, therefore they came out and have a
look. Also, my father came out too. The two Indian guys got up from the floor with
a scaring ferocious look then rushed toward the timid teenager who fell on the
roadside verge. I would call him timid because he looked like a young
frightened boy who was only around the age of 16 to 18. All of us froze in
fright, haunted by the fact that two incredibly strong Indian guys tried to
fight with the teenager.

chaos began, the terrified youth tried to talk his
way out of trouble after they claimed to be gangsters. No one was willing to
stand out for the teenager, and all my neighbours were just watching. They were
afraid that they would get themselves into troubles. An image flashed before my
mind. The boys in my primary school pulling my hair, calling my ugly, sketch
all over my books and I did not have the courage to speak up. I saw myself in
the teenager, it was me back then when I was a timid girl who got bullied in my
primary school. Then, I whispered to myself, “Will you standby or will you act?
Will you regret for not helping people in need?”. Then, I made up my mind. I
will not bear with this any longer although I know that I will put my family in

stop it! He is just a young boy.” I walked towards them, tried not to raise my
voice to avoid jumping from the frying pan into the fire. “You little girl wants
to get involve with this?” one of them replied. “It’s not a huge problem,
there’s no one injured. I think you two should leave him alone,” I stated. “You
are right!” my father said from the back. “Hmm, mooncake festival is going to
be funeral ‘festival’ hahaha!” They laughed out loud as they approached me. “That
old thing shouldn’t be living here.” One of them pointed at my grandfather. They
then got a rod from somewhere and changed direction towards my grandfather. My
pulse was rapid, afraid that anything would happen.

we heard a long-wailing scream that sounded like police siren. Those coruscating
red lights came with hope.