AMIR the company matching process. University of


EMAIL:[email protected] PHONE:647-963-4090LOCATION:Toronto,ON
LINKEDIN: GITHUB:amirardalan9473

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Computer science student with the versatility and strong work ethic of an established professional. Passionate about
artificial intelligence, statistics, software engineering and cognitive science. Equally adept and experienced in research,
industrial and entrepreneurial settings. Core competencies include:
• Industrial and academic experience in project management, engineering design, and research and development coupled
with analytical skills refined through multidisciplinary design initiatives.

• Proven ability to lead a team, handle administrative tasks and build cohesive relationships with
colleagues and clients alike.

University of Toronto

Bachelor of Science Computer Science Specialist with focus in “Artificial Intelligence” 2018
CGPA: 3.5
CS and Math CGPA: 3.7

Naudix, Machine Learning Engineer, Toronto
• Researching and applying different techniques to optimize the candidate and the company matching process.

University of Toronto, Research Assistant, Toronto Sep 2017 – Current
• Working under the supervision of Dr. Yevgen Matusevych.

• Constructing Topic models and Sequential models from different corpora and evaluating against models constructed
from the free association norms.

WaveGen Technologies Inc, Software Engineer, Toronto Aug 2016 – Sep 2017
• Engineering and designing intelligent systems for maximizing yield of wave energy buoys by determining their optimal
orientations and arrangements.
• Worked with the mechanical and electrical engineering teams during imperative pivotal moment.

University of Toronto, Summer Research Assistant, Toronto May 2017 – Aug 2017
• Worked on data obtained from priming experiments to construct bilingual and monolingual lexical networks.
• Utilizing the graphs obtained as a tool for cognitive modeling.
• Supervisor: Dr. Suzanne Stevenson

CONCEPTS /LIBRARIES/FRAMEWORKS: Machine learning(deep learning, probabilistic learning),
Information retrieval, NLP, Reinforcement learning, NumPy, SciPy, TensorFlow, OpenCV,
Embedded Programming (experienced with Nios II architecture),

Experienced and familiar with computer transport protocols such as I2C, RS232, SPI, Kernel and OS programming,
Object oriented programming, Functional programming, Algorithm design and analysis, React, Node.js, Express

Matusevych, Y., Kalantari Dehaghi, A. A., Stevenson, S. (2018). Modeling bilingual word associations as
connected monolingual networks. In C. Jacobs, T. Linzen, A. Sayeed, & M. van Schijndel (Eds.),
Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics
(CMCL). Stroudsburg, PA: Association for Computational Linguistics.

Forward – Web Application

• A project I am currently working on with 6 other engineers.
• We are developing Forward as an online platform (web application) where people can donate a certain amount of
money to a partnered restaurant of their choosing to purchase a meal for the less fortunate.

Statistical Machine Translation — NLP

•Utilized the official records of the 36th Canadian Parliament to devise a program for the task of translating between
French and English.

Automatic Speech Recognition — NLP & Machine Learning

• Wrote and designed a program with the tasks of “speaker identification” and “speech recognition”.
• Used Gaussian Mixture Modelling for the former and Hidden Markov Models for the latter.

Stock Market Prediction — Machine Learning

• Worked with a group of colleagues on evaluating different statistical and machine learning approaches (notably
Recurrent Neural Networks and Gaussian Processes) for predictive analysis of stock market prices. Report and results were
displayed in a scientific publication format.

File System Command Implementation — OS Programming

• Implemented Unix based command lines to modify ext2?format virtual disks.
• The implemented commands included: cp, ls, mkdir, ln, rm.

Obstacle Removing Robot— Embedded Programming/Robotics

• Designed an electro?mechanical robot with the goal of detecting and removing obstacles.

Dec 2017 – Current