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alysis in a lucid manner.The analysis is totally depended upon the collected data in the study.6.1 Flow of Process in company Firstly the marketing Dept. receives or conceives the orders from variousorganizations & marketing firms which cover the worldwide market.As per the orders looking ahead for minimum one month the required quantity of rawmaterial is decided. According to that Production Dept. set targets.The Purchase dept raises the Purchase order. for raw material and other materialswhich are necessary for the production.The gate entry and store entry for the incoming material is done, If the materialconforms to the quality norms and inspection tests then the GRN of the items is doneaccording to the delivery challan or the material is rejected.Quality checking for incoming raw material is done by Quality Control Dept. andassurance of raw material is given by Quality assurance Dept.  The production Planning Dept. plans for the production of various items as per therequirement i.e. the production schedule on weekly or monthly basis is prepared.Processing on raw material takes place at the production plant and the raw material isgetting converted in to finished products.The finished product after satisfying all the essential quality checks goes to theWarehouse Dept.The finished products are dispatched by the Dispatch Dept. which finally goes tothe customer as per the requirement.6.1 Flow of Process in Company  A) Procedure for Receipt of Raw material-1. Responsibility-Store dept. staff 2. Procedure-2.1 On reporting the driver of the vehicle at the security gate, security personnel verifies thedocuments i.e. delivery challan, invoice and address.2.2 Security personnel inform to store dept. staff and carries relevant document to store dept.for verification.2.3 Store officer should verify the name of supplier/vendor2.4 Verify documents as per checklist. If satisfactory inform security to send vehicle forweighing.2.5 Store dept. staff along with security personnel accompanies the vehicle for WeightBridge.2.6 After completion of weighing procedure security allows vehicle inside and directs thedriver towards store dept.2.7 Store officer check the vehicle for cleanliness and absence of foreign material2.8 If manufacture date is not mention, do not accept the material.2.9 Ensure that quantity mentioned on delivery challan is as per purchase order.2.10 Before unloading check that air curtains are ON.2.11 Unload the material Batch wise.