Although cardiac surgery patients has been seen

Although nausea symptoms are  not painful but they leave us uncomfortable, hence
it’s better to be cautious  to note the
symptoms as it may leave a  person
exhausted. Symptoms of qualms needs to be carefully noted for pregnant women
and children as they easily get dehydrated. Making minor changes in lifestyle will
not only keep us hail and healthy but will release us from some common

Lastly eat small meals for better digestion.

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Do not lie down as soon as you finish your food
, sit for an hour or two till the pressure in your stomach is relieved.

Get some fresh air by going for a walk or spend
some time in open spaces like balcony, terrace etc.

Apply a cool compress to the back neck and

Take sprouted grains in the mornings to calm the

Stretch and take deep breaths to reduce anxiety.

Avoid drinking or eating foods that may not only
slow digestion process but also cause gas.

Drink ample of water.

More pointers for
nausea relief

Both of these techniques give a relief for nausea, acid
refluxes and many other ailments. But a point to be focused on while using this
remedy is to choose a licensed technician for best results.

Acupressure is a process where physical pressure is applied
to certain parts of the body. This can be performed at home or by a massage
therapist. Acupressure to the wrist in cardiac surgery patients has been seen
to reduce vomiting and nausea feeling.

From yesteryears Chinese practitioners have been stimulating
pressure points throughout the body to cure a wide range of ailments and pain.
Acupuncture is one such technique where thin long needles are inserted in to
the skin, these needles have been found to stimulate specific nerves, that in turn
sends signal to the brain to release hormones that reduce sensation of pain and
qualms. This remedy is found to be most effective in patients who feel
nauseated after chemotherapy sessions. Research has shown that acupuncture has
reduced the prescription of anti-vomiting drugs post chemotherapy sessions.

Acupuncture and Acupressure

Disclaimer: Some countries allow the usage of cannabis for
medical conditions with the proof of illness. But an important point to be
pondered is this essential oil is not advised for women in child bearing years
as the risk of the newborns with birth defects is very high.

This oil is seen to be helpful in nausea relief and it is
used by folks as means of treatment ingest with an oral syringe or by adding it
to a liquid that makes it more effective. People start with small doses and
increase the treatment dosage depending on the disease severity.

Cannabis essential  oil
is an eccentric oil in the essential oil varieties, simply because of the plant
from which it is extracted. Cannabis is a naturally growing herb which is used
from thousand years, its reputation as a drug worldwide limits its usage. This eccentric
essential oil has a wide range of health benefits from relieving anxiety and
stress to cancer treatment. As it’s a powerful oil a very small amount is sufficient
for its effectiveness.

Cannabis oil