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All of us have been accused of something we did not do. Sometimes we have suffered punishment, even though we were definitely not guilty. We see an example of this happening in Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, which depicts the story of 19 puritans executed for witchcraft. The United States, know for a fair judicial system, has convicted hundreds of people who were actually innocent of the charges. One infamous crime case, in which an innocent person was falsely accused, was the Eva Gail Patterson case. This case started off on May 4, 1979 with three men, Phillip Bivens, Bobby Ray Dixon, and Larry Ruffin, that were wrongfully accused of raping and killing a woman in Forrest County, Mississippi in front of her 4 year old son. Larry Ruffin was the first to be convicted for the murder of Eva  Gail Patterson, he was accused because he was he was on leave from a halfway house the night of her killing. Ruffin gave the officials several statements that all followed the same story. The same statement that he gave every time was that, He killed and raped Eva alone. Over a year later Bobby Dixon was was brought in for questioning because he was he was also with Ruffin the night of the murder. Dixon confessed that Ruffin was the one that killed Ms. Patterson, as well as he was with him that night. Dixon had then confessed of murdering Ms. Patterson as well. This then lead Dixon to report that Phillip Bivens was also there with them the night of the murder, even though this was not spoken of in the first interviews. Phillip was then arrested and brought to Hattiesburg, where he was told that he would have to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. During his interview reported that he has never met Dixon in his life, but out of fear he admitted that Dixons accusation was correct.  The trial started in late 1980, with the accused men that all had a different testimony. On the day of the trial Dixon contradicted his testimony, saying that he was not with the other two men the night of the murder and that he had never seen Ms. Patterson. Conclusion to this trial, Mr. Ruffin was sentenced to life in prison, as well as the other two men, Mr. Dixon and Mr. Bivens. In June 2010 a lawyer from the Innocence Project was given an application to help Mr. Dixon with showing that he was in fact an innocent man. The lawyer requested a test on the remaining evidence. The test was on the remaining semen left on Eva.  This test had shown that the three men had been innocent all along. The man that actually committed the crime is named Andrew Harris. Mr. Harris was Ms. Patterson’s neighbor from down the road who rapped another women in her home two years later. Andrew is now faced with a life sentence in prison for the murder of an innocent woman. The three men had now found peace and justice from  knowing that they now have a chance for freedom. The DNA test that was performed to aid in the process of finding the guilty criminal led to the exoneration of two of the falsely accused men. Bobby Dixon was the first to be released from this tragedy that ruined many lives. While in prison Dixon experienced multiple seizures that were very frequent, also during his time in prison he developed lung cancer, which spread to the brain region. Sadly Dixon died while waiting for his complete exoneration.  Phillip Bivens was released from prison along with Dixon after the discovery of the new DNA evidence. Dixon was brought to New Orleans to a special housing that is offered specifically for acquitted prisoners. Larry Ruffin passed away from a heart attack in 2002, not knowing that one day could have been released from this hardship. The families of these innocent men were offered a $16.5 million settlement for the pain they endured. One crime case that incarcerated three men for the murder of Eva Gail Patterson is widely known, because the three were falsely accused for their actions. These men confessed to murdering patterson in order to avoid facing the death penalty. Two of the three men will live to see freedom after some left over semen was found and tested, which showed that the three were in deed innocent. The result of this new evidence led to the exoneration of the men. The other man, Larry Ruffin, died in prison many years prior to when new evidence was found. The famous play, The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller is based in the 1600 where hundreds of men and women were falsely accused of witchcraft. After 19 innocent humans were killed, the accusers then realized that the people were not actually involved in witchcraft. The Crucible and the Eva Gail Patterson case displayed a time when a group of people were accused of a crime they did not commit. “Don’t conclude so fast, you may never know what is behind the fact you know!” ? Ernest Agyemang Yeboah This quote is explaining that even when someone might believe that they know all the facts, make sure that all the information is evaluated before making a false accusation.