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Al Ain, the city is known for its greeneries and natural
habitats enriched with the history and culture. For its green environment and
meaningful culture it is called as “The Garden City”. According to Al Ain map, it is located by the Omani’s
border, so, Al Ain to Dubai distance
is counted as 10km. Al Ain is second largest city of UAE which is full of
refreshing activities, and excited stuffs to do, for example there are many Al Ain UAE points of interest to enjoy such
as Al Ain clubs, Al Ain UAE hotel, and Al Ain football club.Living in Al Ain
means you can spend a day off from your office work and go to have fun by
seeing so many exciting sights from Dubai’s skyscrapers to the dessert’s safari

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Whether, you are a tourist or citizen of the city, it is
highly beneficial to be in Al Ain in sense of having fun and adventure by
enjoying its luxuries and heart-catching sights. I am listing here a complete
recipe of having full taste of your tour to Al Ain, including which sights you
should see? How should enjoy nightlife? Where to go and when to go? What will
be your complete budget? How to taste the cuisines? What activities you should
have in Al Ain? And so many things….!


spots in Al Ain

What will be your destinations?  Have you planned this? You know it could take
you around 7 to 8 hours to tour if you travel from Dubai to Al Ain. I know It becomes difficult to manage the time
when you are about to explore such a large city, so that’s why, I advise to all
the visitors to come here with fully preprations by setting a balanced schedule
to visit the beautiful city of Al Ain and its glorious Al Ain beach.

The visitors to Al Ain should never miss Al Ain national museum to see. UAE’s
oldest museum is a best way to explore the history and culture of Al Ain
through a tour of this museum. The museum covers all the history throughout the
stone-age till the foundation of the UAE. The museum covers both aspects of the
city, the ethnographic and archeological. In the archeological section, you
will find a wide range of jewellery, weapons, pottery and excavated coins. In
ethnographic section you will find galleries on their livelihood and lifestyle
such as their education manner, the marriages, and farming. You will find this
museum next to Sultan Fort (The eastern fort), so grab your tickets and explore
Al Ain’s culture and history.

Ain oasis, a UAE’s first curated Unesco World heritage site has so
many things to discover, it contains eight gates that will lead you into the
great plantation of dates of this familiar oasis. You know what the fun is, to
wander around the maze jungle and trying to not get lost.

in Al Ain

The nightlife in Al Ain, the one you shouldn’t miss while
on the tour as it is a best way to discover the lifestyle of Al Ain. The bars and clubs in Al Ain could be the
best places for the night lovers. You may find many Indian dance bars in Al Ain, moreover, the pools bar, resorts,
sports bar, clubs and a wide variety of nightlife fun. The best nightclub in al Ain is Paco’s; to spend a liveliest night of
AL Ain with Tex-Mex venue will lighten up your night. You can find ladies’
night, parties, live music along with a range of drinks and beverages.

Apart from nightclubs, Hili fun city is a best place for adults and kids to go in night,
best way to engage your kids, the calmness, laughter, quality foods, and night
lighting will definitely make you in love with the environment around.


and Transportation:

You will not find any difficulty in transportation once
you book your ride while deciding the travel to your destinations. Make a timetable
about where to go and how to go so that you can easily set your Al Ain bus schedule for reaching at Al Ain bus station to get Abu Dhabi to Al Ain bus or you can even
get info about Dubai to Al Ain taxi fare
to travel with ease towards your destination.




When you ready to explore a destination, the first thing
you should care about is your travel budget. To set a budget before travelling
is the most essential job you have to do because once you travel abroad you
change your local currency into foreigner currency. It can be possible to rent a car in Al Ain in cheapest price.
You may concern to Hertz al Ain for monthly car rental al Ain budgets to maintain
a smart travelling budget.


and restaurants:

Cuisines are the best way to taste the tradition of any
place; do you agree it? Other than fun and adventures you can have fun by
enjoying the delicious mouth-watering food on the streets or even in the restaurants in Al Ain mall. Makani café Al Ain is among of most
rated restaurants of Al Ain to enjoy a wide variety of mouth-watering desserts
and delicious mixed grill foods with watching a big screened football
broadcasted matches and live entertainments. You may find many Pakistani restaurants in Al Ain, if you
are from Europe and wants to taste Asian menus along with Middle Eastern tastes
then Indian restaurants in Al Ain is
also there to serve you with the best.