Air customers can get more information or

Asia is the Asia’s largest low cost airline with the vision of “Now
Everyone Can Fly”. Nowadays, they are very famous in the airline sector
and they provide a totally different type of service in line with the nation’s
aspirations to benefit all citizens and worldwide travelers.

are a lot of Critical success factor of Air Asia, customer service will be one
of the success factor.  As we know that
the customer services is very important in every business especially for Airline
Company. Air Asia is no stranger to customer complaints nowadays compare to
past few years, they can even handle it with a better ways. They have in place
a quality practice framework to improve and deliver exceptional customer
service. The framework requires to listen and respond to the voice of the
customer in all channels and to enhance the customer experience as well as
customer loyalty. The customers can get more information or make a complaint
about Air Asia services through social media such as AskAirAsia, Facebook,
email, live chat and Twitter for instant assistance. All of these are manage by
the customer services, in order to provide the highest quality of customer
services to their dearest customers. Air Asia strives to employ staffs who are outgoing
friendly and professional. Staffs are selected through a rigorous recruitment
process, which is followed by extensive and ongoing training and performance
management activities. As part
of ongoing efforts to provide the best customer service, they are in the
process of implementing a new system for the management of customer complaints
and compliments to enable real-time reporting to the organization. Which mean
Air Asia is keep improving their customer services system to improve the
customer’s satisfaction. Customer service received a lot of complaint everyday
such as flight delay and people is rush for the important business
meeting, luggage is lost or broken. Some of the valuable items is inside the
luggage therefore the customer service needs to be patient and pacific the
customer emotion and try to find a good solution to settle this issue try to
meet the customer demand make them satisfied to our services therefore they
will come back to us in the next time. Therefore our reputation will improve
and increase our revenue simultaneously. Other than that, shareholder will feel
satisfied to our performance and invest more on our company share. Moreover it
will attract more new investor also. Air Asia will continue to consider ways to
make its guests’ experience more enjoyable and convenient.

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is place an important role to promote Air Asia brand name. It is also one of
the important success factors. Without a lot of advertisement made in the
social media, newspaper and radio the name of Air Asia may not be famous like
nowadays. Other than that, the marketing department keeps use the slogan of “Now
Everyone Can Fly” to influence the consumer mind that air Asia can provide the
good airline services with low cost. As we can see that, people nowadays have a
smart phone to allow them access to internet update themselves about the news
through Facebook and other official website. It is also convenient for them to
online purchase airline ticket. The social media is a great tool for advertise
the promotion or information of the Airasia video at Youtube, Facebook even the
bus logo as advertisement. They are trying to make their brand famous through
something in the public daily life, when people think about travel their first
choice will be Air asia. Moreover they win Best Asean Marketing &
Promotional Campaign at the ASEANTA Awards; it can prove that they have a
strong marketing strategy. Sometimes, they run a lot of fun promotions, like
its “Free Seats Challenge,” which gives 12 winning customers a year’s
worth of free seats on flights, zero fares and provide some discount code to
attract for those new customers to try out their airline services. At the same
time they can do the market survey through this promotion activity in order to
know the demand of customers in different countries. For an assumption, if Air
Asia do not pay much attention on the advertisement in marketing. They may not
know by the public as according to the Tony Fernandes if you have a good
product but no one knows it, it is a history.