Ahmad: travels back to 1958 to save

Ahmad: Hello I am Ahmad Mansour and I am joined here with Stephen King! Whether you’ve read his work or haven’t Stephen has had an impact on the formation of fantasies and science fiction writing. Today we will be discussing based on his novel “11/22/63”. Shall we start with an introduction?King:  Hello my name is Stephen Edwin King. I’m an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy. Many of pieces of my work have been sculptured into feature films, miniseries, television series, and comic books. I have three kids named Joe, Owen and Naomi as well as my beautiful wife Tabitha. Ahmad: I see you have a wide range of genre selections when it comes to your writing choices but may I ask what inspired you to write?King: Well I graduated from the University of Maine and later worked as a teacher while establishing myself as a writer. I first began at the age of twenty-five when I acquired my first placement as an English teacher.Ahmad: I find that very interesting now Stephen please tell us about the whole background of your novel “11/22/63″King:  The novel is about Jake Epping who is a high school English teacher in Lisbon Falls. Jake supervises GED program course for extra pay on the side. In this class he receives an essay from one of the students ; a gruesome, harrowing first person story about the night 50 years ago when Harry Dunning’s father came home and killed his mother, his sister, and his brothers with a hammer. Later, Jake’s friend Al, owner of the local diner, releases his biggest secret which is a portal to 1958. He hands Jake a near impossible task to try to prevent the Kennedy assassination.  As an experiment, Jake travels back to 1958 to save Harry’s family, who will be killed by his father on Halloween night. Using the alias “George Amberson”, Jake buys a car and travels to Harry’s hometown of Derry, Maine. Jake is able to find Harry’s father, Frank Dunning, and track his movements. After saving all but one of Harry’s siblings from Frank’s brutal assault, Jake returns to 2011 hopeful that he improved Harry’s life only to learn that his actions indirectly led to Harry being killed in the Vietnam War. While Jake is still trying to process this information, Al commits suicide. Jake is forced to act immediately before Al’s death is known and the diner is demolished.Ahmad: A huge question that all of us viewers are asking ourselves is why did you form a novel around the intention on preventing the JFK assassination?King: Well when I was about 12 years old it marked the year Kennedy took over as the President of the United States but I was still a young boy who was fascinated by hockey and toys, I had no idea what politics meant at all. Ahmad: Hold on a second, if you were 12 years old during the JFK era what made you so interested on this topic?King: See that’s the missing piece to all of this! My father Donald was in the Navy and he was obsessed with politics and he was a huge JFK supporter. When the assassination occurred in 63′ it was a very tough day for my whole family. My father would always talk about different conspiracy theories and would always wonder how this assassination could be avoided. King: When I became an author of course it began with horror, sci-fi, and fantasy concepts but I always wanted to write a “what if?” novel!Ahmad: Sorry Stephen did you say a “what if?” novel?King: Yes I did! It is when you create an idea where you can twist or change the outcome of an event! In this situation it would be preventing the killing of one of the greatest Presidents. Ahmad: I think that’s a brilliant way to approach a new idea! Ahmad: Let’s go into more detail on the novel shall we? Tell me about a couple of the main characters you have created?King: To begin, Jake Epping is the leading protagonist of this story. A teacher at Lisbon Falls High School in Maine. Jake uses the alias of “George Amberson” when he missions to 1958, make his way to Texas, and track Lee Harvey Oswald’s movements in the months leading up to the Kennedy assassination. Part of Jake’s time is spent in Jodie, a small town on the outskirts of Dallas; there, he becomes an English teacher for a consolidated school and becomes well-liked by the students and faculty for his stage productions. Jake is eventually successful in foiling the assassination, but learns that doing so has set his 21st century world on a catastrophic path.Ahmad: When I read the book I pictured Jake as the young hero who saves the day but tackles many obstacles on the way including falling in love! Turns out my visualization seemed to be bang on! Would you mind telling us about the other main character that influences the plot?King: The other main character would be Al Templeton. Al is known for owning Al’s diner as well as being a long time friend to Jake. Al holds the portal in the back of his diner and creates the idea of preventing the John F Kennedy assassination. The reason Al can’t embark on this mission himself is due to his cigarette addicted habits leading to terminal lung cancer. He motivates Jake to carry out his plan by committing suicide by overdosing on his pain medication.Ahmad: It seemed has if Al figured his only way to persuade Jake into carrying out the time portal plan was to eliminate himself from the picture leaving Jake no choice to execute the concept. King: When Al was killed off of the novel it made it more interesting because the man who has the most knowledge on the portal is out of the image leaving Jake all alone! I feel this part captured the viewer’s eye and made them stay locked into the novel. Ahmad: One more thing on the novel Stephen, there was rumours of an alternate ending on the book, could you tell us about that?King: I published an alternative ending on my website in 2012, in which Jake finds a November 2011 news article where Sadie has turned 80.. My eldest son Joe sat me down and pitched this idea of a alternate ending and I elaborated on it and took it into my own hands. After posting it on my website i received feedback that favoured my original ending therefore there was no editing to my ending in 11/22/73. Ahmad: I think it’s a great idea to accept ideas from those around you I respect that a lot. If I’m allowed to pitch my own opinion I really liked the original ending and would hold onto it!Ahmad: Well Stephen I’m glad we were able to find the time to sit down, review your novel and get some insights from the author of the masterpiece. I wish you luck on your next project “IT 2”  and I can’t wait to hear about more of your ideas!King: Thank you very much for having me. Hope to see you soon Ahmad!