Age is one of the things we

Age is one of the things we can’t change.
Plastic surgeries, diets and exercises can’t alter our date of birth however,
it might make us feel a bit better about ourselves. Many of us individual use
different beauty products or any alternatives that would make us look younger.
And it uplifts our confidence whenever we hear people after saying “you
don’t look your age”. On the other hand, the phrase “Life begins at
forty” is very known specially to those middle ages people. But who among
us know where is that phrase originated or even understand what it really
employs? According to Martin (2017), the notion that life begins at forty was
originated in the 20th century; previously, ‘death begins at forty’ is more
accurate because during that time, many people didn’t live beyond that age.
Moreover, in medieval England, the life expectancy was about 25 years and it
only attained 40 years around the 20th century. In 1932, a self-help book was
published by an American Psychologist namely Walter Pitkin. She stated
confidently that life begins at forty is a revolutionary
outcome of our New Era wherein today it is half a truth and tomorrow will be an
axiom. Pitkin is mostly recognized as the one who coined the term
“Life begins at forty’ however, she is not the one who first to articulate
the idea or the phrase itself. But her book was the cause for it to become a
popular language. It also appeared many times on different news papers and
printed records during the 1932 onwards. Various songs was also made which was
entitled after that phrase. One of them is written and sung by John Lennon in
the 1980 which is the year wherein John Lennon turned 40 years of age. Another
is the one sung by Dave and the Dynamos in the year 1983 and it became number
one on the New Zealand chart. Each of us have different views or perspectives
with regards to giving emphasis on the phrase “life begins at forty”.
There are people who believe that it is just a myth or product of person’s
creative mind. However, there are also who believe that it is actually
happening in reality.

            What’s one thing a woman could
anticipate about becoming 40? In the past 40 years of their life, many things
have happened which makes them feel better about themselves. In an article in
U.S (2018), a  research revealed that
older women possess higher self esteem and has a more comfortable relationship
with their partner. Furthermore, it also stated that during those years, women
attained their sexual peak and has enjoyable intercourse. On the other hand in
Asia, Katana (2014), agree to the notion that life begins at 40. According to
her, many people are already stabilize in their careers, education and family
during that time. As well as they are financially settled as they have less
expenditures because their children already establishing their own family
separated from them. Meanwhile, Vuleta (2014) said that now is the perfect time
for middle ages to take their past and use it to sustain the success life yet
to come. He also stated several advantages of being 40 and above which
involves, having the opportunity to decide for their own. Another is being
resilient wherein they already know how to stand up after fall and nothing is
the end of their world. Since they are already financially capable,  they can now afford to buy a house and has
the opportunity to go wherever they want. Having a healthy bank balance would
allow them to revisit their old want list.  With regards to their relationship with other
people especially to their husband or wife, they become more mature when it
comes having fight or arguments because they already have low to zero tolerance
to drama. They also have a well-established friendship that despite of their
busy schedules, they are still intact. Being jealous with others is also
minimized because they’ve learned to be happy for other people’s success.
Furthermore, people tend to value their opinion and care to what they say. They
could also now assert what they want because of their confidence and courage to
get real for their wants in life. Also, material things are not that important
because experience or enjoyment is what matters now. Being 40 involves taking
care of their body and with regards to their physical appearance, others say
that they look more beautiful compared when they are in 20’s. Because for them,
there is beauty in living a full life as well as seeing themselves as more kind
and feels at home in their body. Moreover, their way of dressing is uniques
since they already know what makes them feel good and how they feel.
Furthermore, Cindy Crawford, 42
years of age and a mother of 2 stated she is happier with her body now compared
before, because the body she has now is the body she worked for. In addition,
Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt which is considered to be the sexiest men on planet
are both 44 years old. Finally, they feel stronger and lighter due to their
emotional strength in surpassing the struggles they’ve experienced as well as
their physical and emotional muscle has been built.

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            Entering the world of middle age is the time where our body and mind
begins to act up. Medical issues arises due to the fact that we are getting
old.  A study by Daily
(2008) revealed that 40 is the age wherein depression is common because of some
pressures they are experiencing such as bringing up kids, maintaining
relationships, and their perception about dying. A study conducted in Columbia
University School of Public Health in New York found that it is the age women
divorce. While in Asia, Kamatu (2014) stated that the notion that life begins
at 40 is just a myth. Because for him, it is difficult to celebrate life unless
we already have our own properties or well-established financially. Also, bank
loan and being able to settle their children’s education could serve as a
meaningful birthday present to them. Another disadvantage is both men and
women’s fertility starts to decline. According to Roland (2017) the risk of
getting pregnant is common because it is also the menopausal age for women
which causes some hormonal imbalances. The rate of miscarriages is high in this
stage, while for pregnant 40 years old, several complications might arise such
as diabetes, high blood pressure and stillbirth. The saying “age is just a
number” seems good to hear but our body will prove different story. Muscle
pain, decline of joints, gray hair, etc. is usually occurs that made them say
that it is difficult to celebrate life at 40.

people might see that being 40 is uneasy because it is the age wherein their
hair grays or thins, muscles fails, and joint pains. They can no longer do
things they love before. But in my own stand point, those signs would prove
that we’ve been through a lot of things life has to offer. We already surpass
the struggles we’ve faced from the past 40 years of our lives and it is the
time to reward ourselves for it. It is also the time to take our past and to
use it for our future success. The knowledge we’ve acquired from our memories
and experiences and the benefits of gaining a strong relationship is also
necessary. Other people fear of turning 40 because of the pressure to look
young. Nowadays, media dictates the standard of beauty which involves having
fair skin, voluptuous body and being young which is why for them, being old
means loosing of attractiveness. But for me, surpassing the age of 40 is
something we should not afraid of instead, it is something to be celebrated.
Through embracing the reality, making new patterns or plans, learning something
new and to be able to make our own decision for what we do and don’t want in
life is what really matters.