After in the market which takes it

After reading this book, I think it is worth reading because it is full
with advice. This book attempts
to explain why this kind of organizations are emerging at this current time of
History but now before. It also describes what the current organizations should
do and show how to create one of them or become one of them in order to be
successful. In addition, It shows why organizations that are scalable are able
to become the winner in the market which takes it all. The author uses the key in
order to explain the differences between linear and exponential organizations
with many case studies and examples. The book gives a valid case studies
on how disruptive technologies can impact organizations and industries with a
prescription in order to identify the great opportunities by using disruptive
technologies not just within the organizations.

I often see how organizations and companies
such as Google, Apple or Microsoft, are able to increase their employees from
only a handful of employees to hundreds of thousands around the world and from having
a small amount  revenue to earning
millions, or even billions of dollars with massive profit margins which was
done in just a few year. I was really amazed by this. These organizations are
capable of transforming their whole industries and company system to handle the
rule of the market game. This is the main reason why these organizations which
are scalable are able to become the winner of the market and number one competitors.
Ismail gives so many keys differences between linear and exponential
organizations with ample examples and case studies in the book.

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I totally enjoyed reading this book. It helps me to understand that the world
is moving at a pace faster than I think in term of business and technology, and
what are the consequences for the companies using modern technology. I would recommend
this book to all the readers and business man who is looking to do something
difference which have a positive impact in their companies.