Adversity: of Mice and Men and Ancient Roman Poet Essay

Argument Question #3 Essay

During hard times and challenges in a lifetime, one may discover hidden talents or skills that were once invisible to their eyes. From the ancient Roman poet, Horace, he states “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” Many famous scientists, movie stars, singers, etc. grew up from poor environments, having no education, clothing, food, and/or shelter. They came from a poor background which has only motivated and encouraged these determined individuals.

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Although it may appear to most people that those who experience misfortune not necessarily realize or find their concealed capability, it is emerged as true that many do find their unknown gift through adversity, whether if it is through their own hard work and determination or just pure luck.

One cannot disregard the fact that the underprivileged and the homeless do not attain that special opportunity to discover their talents. They have experienced misfortune, financial hardship, danger, much more and yet they are still stuck in a rut in this society. This situation is similar to Lennie’s and George’s from Of Mice and Men; a novel written by John Steinbeck. Lennie is man with a mental disability who relies on his close and caring friend, George. George takes upon the responsibility and leads Lennie to their dream. Though they had strong ambitions of starting their own farm and achieving the American Dream, in the end, the goal that they have been searching for was shattered because of Lennie’s murder by his best friend George. In both cases, none of them fully found their talents and in both they experienced financial issues as well as suffering. This explains the reasoning why many do not accept the belief of Horace’s aphorism. Furthermore, others may also believe that talent comes from within you and not everyone is blessed with this naturally gifted persona.

They believe that talent is a natural gift that is born with you. It is a gift that one has been practicing and achieving for a while now. Like a sport. Some are just naturally good at football or soccer while others just have terrible hand eye coordination, but if one truly works for it because they truly want to accomplish their goal then it will be achieved in the end.

However, those who truly experience pain and misfortune and are willing to work to improve their life will be much more motivated, which in the end leads them to newly discovered abilities. For example, Demi Lovato, the Disney star, also singer was bullied all throughout her childhood. She was constantly ridiculed for being overweight and having a eating disorder. Up until now she is still terrorized by the crude comments made by the world. As a way to express herself she began communicating her pain through her songs, each song symbolizing the hurt she encounters daily. Because of the hardships she faces, she enrolled her in rehabilitation for a eating disorder. She was sick and tired of the constant criticism that she decided she needed a change. After months of rehab she came out healthy and stronger than ever. Her mind didn’t evolve around the offensive comments made by the society anymore. She mainly cared about maintaining her health and continuing to inspire girls and boys around the world, disregarding the ignorance held by the society. Today she is now one of the top role models that kids and teens all around the world look up too. They are inspired by her strength and her capability to hold her head up while everyone else condemns and degrades her self-esteem.

In addition, Albert Einstein was a “lazy child”, according to what his teachers described him as. He was never fluent in speaking and asked “stupid” questions. His teachers never saw any success in him. From the start they believed that he was a failure and wouldn’t get anywhere in life. Einstein never tried and ultimately dropped out of school. In today’s time, he is now one of the most influential scientist and at one point the smartest man on the planet. Because he was so degraded as a child, he knew he had to do something in order to prove himself to his teachers and to prove to them that they were wrong and was not, what they believed he was, a “lazy child”. He is the founder of one of the most common formulas used in chemistry today; e=mc^2. Albert has also discovered several solutions and created many inspirational quotes that many of us follow today such as “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Because of Albert Einstein, he is one of the reasons we have such diversity in science today. Furthermore, I am most moved by own sister’s strength and determination.

Before I was born, my sister had lived in a poor community, lived off of hand-me-downs from local neighbors, and would sometimes even have no food at night. Those were the conditions she grew up in. Since she started school she knew she had one goal in mind; to grow up and create a better lifestyle for her family. At such a young age, who knew she understood the hardships our parents faced. When we are young, we are innocent, gullible, not fully understanding of situations and oblivious. Well, not my sister. The environment she grew up in led her to see a different future for herself. She began trying harder in school. She wanted straight A’s every single quarter, semester, and year. She knew that if she worked hard now that it would eventually pay off later and she can finally repay our parents back for struggling so much in the past. Diana saw herself as a pain to our parents. She figured if they could’ve provided for her for 18 years, which are the toughest years in one’s life, then she can provide for them when they are old. Because of her dedication, she has graduated from her high school as valedictorian and graduated Cornell University in 2009. She is now working for an engineering corporation company, making more money than those who have been there for 10 or more years. I can honestly say that my sister, Diana Hsu has motivated me in searching for my talent.

After experiencing hardships in your life, you naturally become more motivated. Because of that experience you only want to work harder to improve your now current lifestyle. I believe in Horace’s aphorism. Not only does it accurately describe our society, but I have also faced and seen from personal experiences that motivation and determination does occur after traumatic events. After seeing my sister work so hard, it makes it difficult to not believe that adversity does allow you to discover your many hidden talents and skill that were never noticed before. Adversity is the opportunity that many seek so they can gain that motive as well. It opens doors to so many chances of starting anew. Hardships bring individuals to horizons, widening their perspectives on what a human being can really accomplish.