Advance in the Philippines. In doing so,

Advance Construction Inc. started
in 1997 as a small painting business with one
employee. Now, it developed into a general and finishing contracting firm
that has pooled hundreds of professional engineers and workers who are willing
and ready to offer clients the highest quality of all-encompassing services.



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mission is to develop our team as one of the leading general contractors in the
Philippines, providing the highest level of professionalism, transparency, and integrity—incorporating
priority to health and safety, for our staff and for our clients.”


Resources Strategies

Develop the team to
be one of the leading general contractors in the Philippines:

Advance Construction Inc. strives
to lead in the general contracting business in the Philippines. In doing so, Advance
Construction Inc. looks for people who demonstrate hunger to learn more, and who
empower employees to upgrade their knowledge and studies. This means the
company provides complete funding for tuition for any employees who wish to
improve their education. This is because Advance Construction Inc. believes
that development is vital to an organization’s advantage in the industry and
education incites development.

            Since the construction industry in
the Philippines is competitive, Advance Construction Inc. has faced problems
such as employees leaving for other firms. Hiring managers are taught to
pinpoint prospective employees who show consistent determination that parallels
with the company’s mission to be the best in the industry. The introduction of
this mission-oriented recruitment method ensures that all employees prosper
towards the company’s goals.


Provide highest level
of professionalism, transparency, and integrity:

            Advance Construction Inc. seeks to
provide clients with the utmost quality of work. To sustain its high level of
professionalism, transparency, and integrity, managers in Advance Construction
Inc. must uphold efficiency and competence within the company. For instance,
the introduction of employee uniforms can help create an attractive professional
business image as well as improve customer relationships through approachability.

This may also promote team spirit within the company and create a sense of
belonging with the employees and staff.

            Next, Advance Construction Inc. can
work towards transparency. This means that all information such as budgets,
planning, and other items concerning the company is made available for the employees
and clients. In the long run, practicing transparency will assure that the
Advance Construction Inc. is exercising their impact in the community.

            Lastly, Advance Construction will
work towards improving corporate integrity


Incorporating priority
to health and safety:

            With the current CEO being an
officer at the Philippine Department of Health—the principal health agency in
the Philippines that is responsible in protecting the welfare of Filipinos—Advance
Construction Inc. highlights the importance of health and safety with its
employees and clients. In finding the factors that may affect this, the managers
can look at the local environment and the firm’s internal standards that would
help determine the changes needed.

instance, the manager can examine trends with the weather. In the Philippines,
an average of eight to nine typhoons make landfall each year (CNN, 2017). This alone
may affect work hours and the safety of workers present in construction sites.

The manager must be trained to foresee these risks and must implement necessary
preventative measures.

 Looking at the internal standards of the company,
Advance Construction diligently complies with the Occupational Safety and
Health Standards (OSH)—regulatory standards that highlight safety in a
workplace. With the Philippines being a third-world country, it is common for a
lack in enforcement with certain safety guidelines and rules. For example, it
is common for small starting construction firms to have their construction laborers
work without a harness and other means for safety to save in costs—this is
strictly condemned by Advance Construction Inc. In Advance Construction, it is
crucial that employees and clients know the laws and regulation to make the
workspace safe and comfortable.

            In the long run, being aware in
these environmental aspects allows Advance Construction Inc. to retain their
position with the Department of Health, to successfully comply with their
mission, and to make the company attractive for those seeking employment. This
can all be achieved through awareness of the internal/external work environment
and proper training and development.