Adolfo Nicolas Essay

Father Adolfo Nicolas is a brilliant man who lives his life through Christ and bases his principles around spirituality. I wholly agree that social media and instant communication are tremendous obstacles to critical and deep thinking. I believe the media portrays many negative, violent, or sexual images much too often, and it is influencing our society negatively. It suggested that television lowers intelligence quotient because it depletes beneficial time that can be utilized for reading and studying.

Deep reflection requires one to look past the surface and open up the mind to new possibilities and deep critical thoughts. How is it possible to achieve such deep reflection when we are constantly bombarded by shallow and superficial topics in the mainstream media? It is the twenty first century, and we are becoming more technologically advanced with the passing of years. Everything is available on the internet including education, television, games, and social networking sites such as “Facebook”.

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Instant communication allows one to converse with whomever all from the comfort of your own space. It requires less effort than meeting with the person face to face, which in my opinion, is not a particularly positive mechanism. It allows for miscommunication to occur because you can not distinguish the true emotion or intention of the message unless you hear the tone of voice. Instead of wasting time on sites such as Facebook or instant messaging, it is much more self fulfilling to go for a scenic walk or spend time alone away from distractions.

In order to encourage deep reflective thinking, it is a consummate to clear the mind of negative thoughts and focus on oneself. To get beneath the surface of an idea or thought, one must look through the surface and into the meaning. I consider myself to be a highly spiritual person, and I observe that my generation is spiritually dead. It is challenging to engage in deep critical thinking and ponder on spirituality when the world is accustomed to focusing on perfunctory news stories, and technological communication.

We are practically living in the age of computers and machines as means of work, leisurely time, and human connection. With so much emphasis on man made products we are drifting from our true human nature, which is the desire to connect with others, and be loved. If one fails to see beyond the superficial skin, you will not reach the intricate core. It requires a lot of effort, but the mind is a mystical tool and is meant to be put to use. I rarely watch television and only use the internet for school because I am a strong believer in God and I do not support the media in any form.

I have always been a meticulously observant child, and I believe that there are hidden meanings and messages in popular music that the average person does not take the time to dissect and reflect. We have songs that are encouraging risky sexual behavior, alcohol binging, and references to violence and drugs. In my opinion, the media is slowly but surely dumbing down society as I can see that many of my peers admire false idols. I do not blame them for this because they do not know any better, and it is best not to judge anybody.

God specifically mentions in the bible not to worship “false idols” and it saddens me that younger children are looking up to celebrities. Many celebrities in the music and television industry are prone to dressing provocatively, displaying egregious behavior, and appearing as negative role models to society. I do feel like there could be more intellectual encouragement and positive meanings in the lyrics of songs, but that is not what is prominent for the Hollywood industry. I am blessed with a God-given gift of intuition and sensitivity so I can sense and feel things that can not be explained in the physical world.

I have come to accept my gift from God although it has been extraordinarily difficult being aware of the spiritual world and the evil all around us. I can sense unwholesome intentions like no other, and most of it directly comes from technology, the media, and pop culture. We are in the darkest of times when it is crucial not to give into superficiality and remember who created and loves us. As college students we want to stimulate the brain as much as possible, so we do not succumb to the false illusion of technological life and the media.

The best way to engage in creative, deep, intellectual thought is to free the mind of limitations. Once the mind is clear of limits, it is easier to generate imaginative ideas, unique perspectives, and innovative strategies. Technology has an adverse effect on society because we are relying to heavily on machines for basic functions. Relying heavily on technology can cause strain on relationships, academic achievement, and personal development. It is ideal to attend church, detach from shallow ideas, and engage in self-reflective thinking.