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Activity 3Part 1, Chapter 1Describe the living conditions as they are presented in the first chapter. What does this tell you about society?The society is controlled by the government in form of big brother. There is no privacy and every attempt to make up your own arguments about certain things is shut down by the government. If you say something against the system and you get caught by the police you and your leftovers disappear completely. Everyday there is a “Two Minute Hate” where they show the face of Goldstein, which is a jewish man and the people need to ramm with their feet to show that Goldstein’s opinion is wrong and that there is only one leader.Explain why you think that Winston’s diary is important.I think the government tries to prohibit to write diaries, because to write a diary you have to think and if you think you get in touch with other thesis and opinions. The government wanted that the society stays ignorant so it is easier for the government to control and oppress them. In addition the government tries to keep their actions in secret.Describe the “Two Minute Hate”. In which ways do people react to the “Hate” (give an example)? Does WInston appear to react differently to other people (example)?During the “Two Minute Hate” the people have to stay in a room with a big screen in it. On the screen the people can see the face of a jewish man named Goldstein. Goldstein wrote a book against the government and after that he escaped. The people show their hate by ramming their feet.Activity 4Part 1, Chapter II+IIIChapter II: This chapter introduces Mrs Parsons and her children. 1. What impressions do you get about the way that children are being brought up?Chapter III: What do you think is meant by “doublethink”? What effect do you think that attempting to use doublethink has on people?Chapter II: 1. I think that the thoughts of the children were already affected by the government. There isn’t a close or lovely relationship between parents and children, on the contrary the children already try to control their parents. The children would also betray their parents just because the government manipulated their minds.The children adore the Party and they would never rebel against the discipline of the government.Chapter III: 1. To my mind “doublethink” is when you have two different opinions on a certain topic and you believe in both simultaneously. You normally just have one opinion and because of that “Doublethink” requires using logic against logic. The government uses “doublethink” to manipulate the thoughts of the party members and the society accepts every new determination (for example historical changes) of the government immediately without thinking about it.2. If the society always has two different opinions they can’t use their mind and logic in the right way. The party members start to accept both opinions without using their mind.  Their thoughts start to become blurred and they cannot distinguish between truth and lie and that’s exactly what the government wants in order to manipulate and control them.