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According to Civic Republicanism, civic responsibility and community are necessary in society. This is not required by law but practiced and accepted as a responsibility of all citizens for each other’s well-being. We owe each other to live up to the responsibilities that come with being a citizen so as not to incite disapproval from friends, family and colleagues. Citizens practice this because of the connectedness we feel with each other and it places the common good above individual interests. Therefore, according to Glendon, citizenship comes with it a human characteristic where the idea of personal responsibility and mutual obligation is essential to truly responsible citizenship. Respecting and Protecting rights of othersIt is important to know your own rights as a citizen of the country. Then, know that there are others who share those same rights. By knowing this, you should respect those rights. For example, with regards to respecting others’ property and not violating the rights of others in the process. We have a responsibility to help secure the rights of others, just as we would want others to defend our rights. As member of the body of the whole of society, the duty to help make sure that our society functions falls on everyone. Having a certain level of political virtue by being able to discern and respect the rights of others, we owe each other the duty to be responsible citizens such that our actions within the political sphere, be it to evaluate the performance of those in office or to engage in public discourse, will aid society make the right choices as a whole. Helping the communityCitizens should volunteer to improve their communities, from giving time at the public library to participating in a walk for hunger. It is unrealistic to expect the government to always be aware of every small problem in society, much less fix them all. Therefore, volunteers and citizens are capable to solving small problems. Small acts of kindness—such as planting a tree, ensuring that our streets are litter free, helping out a sick person, or caring for a stray animals—make community life better. Volunteering, just like voting, is a serious responsibility.  To participate in civil societyCitizens have the responsibility to practice civic virtues in society with general virtues such as abiding the law, being open-minded to each other’s differences and views, being able to adapt to the constant changes to the economy and technology. Social cohesion between citizens based on common interests, common activities and a common goal would strengthen civil society.More than just being a citizen of the law, citizens can join an association of their choice to play a part in society as an upright citizen. Having a set of principles that guides an individual’s worldview such as social, economic and political virtues is important and we owe it to each citizen to perform as a part of the community and not only as the individual.