According progress you are able to make

According to the WPI assessment, I am an intrinsically motivated person. I agree with the WPI result that I obtained. In my real life, I am an intrinsically motivated person because I more prefer the activity that I interested, the activity such as taekwondo. I like this activity since I was in primary school, because of some factors, I started to learn Taekwondo in the year of 2016. Whenever there is activity about taekwondo I am very enthusiastic to attend it. In this activity, I will feel particularly happy and comfortable compared to the other activities. I will get the feeling of self-worth. The successful in the sport will let me feel self-worth because when I win the games or competition will feel strong and more confidence. Even I lose the game will not easily give up and disappointed. I also will always to be more forgiving of my own mistakes, and more focused on learning and improve in anytime. When that activity is your favorite activity you will always feel that making mistakes is part of the learning process, and you know that with each mistake you make, you have learned a lesson. If you are intrinsically motivated, you will be thankful for any progress you are able to make because you are enjoying it along the way.I will also spend most of my time and effort on Taekwondo this activity. For example, we practice two days a week, but the rest of the time I will practice at home myself without waiting for the practice day to do the practice. Taekwondo is my favorite sport so no matter how hard is it I will never feel tired. I also believe that the activity we interested will perform and get a very good achievement that will cause us to become more excellent in this field. In this activity, I also will less likely to be distracted it is because I will always enjoy the activity which I am doing and I will not be looking for distractions or prone to getting weak when they are around.Others than that, I also will become more confident and self-sufficient in this activity because when we with confident we will not feel like we need others people to help us to complete or learn something. When we are satisfied with what we are doing and know about that our own standards in that field will be more self-sufficient.