ABSTRACT in a computer network against hacking,


 In this project,
the web attacks are ensured and Privacy Preserved Selective Aggregation (PPSA)
scheme is proposed, which encrypts user’s sensitive data to prevent privacy
disclosure from both outside analysts and the aggregation service provider, and
fully supports selective aggregate functions for online user behaviour analysis
while guaranteeing differential privacy. The main goal of this project is to
design a practical protocol that is able to compute selective aggregation of
user data while still preserving users privacy. The Experiment
results show that the scheme effectively supports various selective aggregate
queries with acceptable computation and communication overheads.

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 Network security
is protection of the access to files and directories in a computer network
against hacking, misuse and unauthorized changes to the system. An example of
network security is an anti virus system. The authorization of access to data
in a network, which is controlled by the network administrator. Users are
assigned an ID and password that allows them access to information and programs
within their authority. It protects the computer systems in the network from
unwanted intrusions. The Data aggregation is one of the most critical
operations in behaviour analysis. The aggregators hold detailed data of user’s online behaviours and creates demographics.
The Existing schemes guarantee strong privacy at the expense of using data
aggregation concept. To overcome those problems the noise is added to the
aggregate result to achieve stronger privacy preservation.

The applications of this domain includes authentication
Applications, Web Attacks, Email Security and IP Security.



The Web security threats can be
divided into two major types such as System and Web security. The Web Attacks are of two types such

Passive Attack

Active Attack


The Passive attacks are accessing
network traffic between browser and server, accessing restricted information on
a website and many more.

attacks are impersonating as another user, altering the messages, altering
information on a website.



Web application security is a
branch of Information Security that deals particularly with security of
websites, web applications and web services.

This measure is taken to improve the security of an application.
The various measures include finding, fixing and preventing security
vulnerabilities. These procedures can be done at different phases such as
design, development, upgrade and maintenance.

Kerberos – A trusted third party
authentication protocol designed for TCP / IP networks. It acts as a trusted
arbitrator in the networks. It allows clients to access different entities on
the network. It keeps a database of clients and their secret keys at a high






Email security refers to the collective measures and it is
used to secure the access and text of an email account. It allows an individual
or group of organization to protect the overall access to one or more email
addresses or accounts.

An email service provider implements email security to secure subscriber
email accounts and data from hackers. It is used in the banking sectors.



Internet Protocol security is an open standard for
helping to ensure private and secure communications over Internet Protocol networks
through the use of cryptography security services. IP Security supports data
integrity, data confidentiality, data origin authentication, and replay


Here we mainly focus on Web Attacks. It is used in the
areas of


There are mainly three challenges in the existing system

the untrusted intermediary needs to evaluate selective aggregation. It cannot
access user data for privacy concerns.

 PPSA needs to achieve differential
privacy in a RSA .To protect individual’s privacy, we need to obliviously add
noise to aggregate results in addition to encrypting user data. Existing
differential privacy mechanism generates noise from real numbers, but RSA
require plain texts.

Selective aggregation should be resistant the situation where clients switch
between online and offline frequently. When an analyst issues a query, there
could be few users connected, which means few data can be collected to evaluate
the query. But the analyst wants the intermediary to respond to her as soon as


address these challenges, we combine RSA based selective aggregation and
differential privacy mechanism to protect users sensitive information from both
analysts and aggregation service providers, and protect individuals privacy . We
prove that differential privacy can be achieved by adding Geometric
variables, which is computed through RSA algorithm.