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At The HourGlass Star destination spa you’ll find all-inclusive programs that includes facilitated fitness classes, healthy cuisine, guided hikes, educational classes, relaxation spa services, spa treatments, educational lectures that teach you how to bring your healthy habits back home, alongside with activities like golf, tennis and swimming pools as well as overnight accommodations. 
The reason behind our spas name, “The Hourglass Star”  is because guests come to start a new path in their life which includes a healthy lifestyle, at the end of their stay they take the knowledge that our team has given them and guests bring it home to continue their healthy lifestyle.  Like an hourglass as soon as you flip it the grains fall down, thats the knowledge and information from our professional team and experts being shared with our guests that stay at our spa. Once the grains are completely at the bottom thats when the guests have departed from our spa and now hold new knowledge about their healthy lifestyle. The name Star was brought into the name because our destination spa is located In the heart of Iceland where guests are able to view the spectacular northern lights. 
The Destination spas business model is to sell a package which includes rooms, food, beverages, program classes and designated number of spa services. Packages are usually a stay of three to seven days. (Johnson and Redman 2008)
 Practises in our destination spas

There is usually a high staff-to-guest ratio, and staff is highly educated. Typically accommodating on an average of 120 guests. The operations of our destination spa The Hourglass is determined on many departments with various positions which includes the spa director and assistant spa directors who will both manage the spa’s finances, employees, services and are responsible for the day-to-day operations. Which will also include spa sales coordinators who will provide detailed descriptions of spa treatments, packages, services, facility features and hours of operation. The retail coordinator who will be in charge of the retail department and the retail agents, will be in charge of the spas profitability and displaying merchandise on shelves which includes products such as hair, nail and makeup products, skin care products private labeled products, apparel such as footwear, robes, gifts such as books, media, fashion accessories and other retails such as snacks beverages, nutritional supplements, and fitness supplements. Will also include massage therapists and their team who are certified therapist’s that are skilled with touch to releases tension and to soothes body aches for guests through various treatments. Estheticians who care and provide services for the guests skin. Nail technicians team that provide nail services such as manicures and pedicures. Most importantly the expert wellness instructors which include the life management team who are licensed therapists that have special expertise in helping people achieve their healthy live goals. (“Definition of a Fitness,” 2016) The exercise physiology team who are experts in advanced methods of training, and can design exercise regimens to fit the guest`s goals. The culinary team that are culinary professionals and nutritionists who combine their expertise in nutrition and dietetics to help guests learn to live healthier every day through positive eating habits and address their wellness concerns wether it is blood sugar levels, managing their metabolism, heart health, or weight. (“Food and Culinary Professionals,” 2017)
Services offered

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The services offered at The HourGlass Star includes spa treatments, salon services, wellness programs as well as a fitness facility. The HourGlass Star destination spa even includes some specialized classes for various disabilities, and health concerns. 
In the salon there will be many technicians and estheticians providing various treatments for different services such as makeup applications, hair, nails and feet. Nail and feet services will include manicures, pedicures, polish changing, nail enhancements such as acrylics, gel tips, silk wraps, fill-ins, french nail tips and nail repairs.  For hair services there will include hair colouring, single or double processing, retouching, full or partial highlights, chemical treatments, straightening, updos, scalp treatments, haircuts, deep conditioning treatments and hairstyling. Makeup technicians will provide brow tinting, brow design and provide makeup consultations where the professional will teach guests valuable techniques, trends and tricks while applying makeup to the guests. In the spa there will be massage therapists and estheticians providing various services for the guests which will include massages, body treatments and skin care. Massages is the most popular treatment that spas our offers, the types of massages provided are relaxation and therapeutic, Swedish, sports, aromatherapy, reflexology, stone, prenatal, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage. 
 Swedish massage is 5 movements that are put together which are effleurage, peterissage, friction, vibration and tapotement that are used for relaxation. Sports massage is usually used on athletes to keep them injury free during training, but since our spa provides various programs for wellness and health some guests may use this spa service to keep training to keep up with various activities that their package offers. This massage releases build up of lactic acid and increases blood flow and oxygen. Aromatherapy massage is an application of essential oils to the skin that is mixed with massage oil that is used to reduce anxiety, headaches and to calm asthma. Reflexology massage is a massage where therapists will focus on pressure points in the feet that will correlate to other parts of the body. Hot stone massage uses smooth river rocks that are heated 120-150 degrees fahrenheit that is then placed onto the guests back on specific points that are energy centres of the body to improve energy flow and to warm the muscles. (Johnson & Redman, 2008) Prenatal massage is a customized massage for pregnant women and their changing bodies where therapists will work on sore and swollen spots to provide some relief. (Prenatal massage, 2017) Lymphatic drainage its a gentle massage that focuses on the lymph system. It is used to clear away debris, fat and unwanted substances that were a result of a trauma or even post surgical scarring, this massage is mostly useful for cancer patients. Deep tissue massage is used on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.Where our trained  therapists will use slow strokes using their knuckles, elbows and hands to release tension and toxins from muscles, and is also used for conditions such as chronic pain, and a recovery from an injury. (Johnson & Redman, 2008)
The body treatments that are provided at our destination spa are lavender relaxation, vitamin infusion, hydrating body wraps, salt scrubs, herbal wraps, and euphoria. A lavender relaxation is an exfoliation that is infused with lavender essential oil which creates a soothing effect that moisturizes the skin to create deep relaxation. Vitamin infusion is a exfoliating body treatment that focuses on mature skin, which is used to remove dead cells using lactic acid with an application of lotions containing vitamins A, C, E. (Wycoff Wellness, n.d.) Hydrating body wraps is performed by our therapists who will paint organic shea butter onto the guests body, next wrap them in a cocoon, which is soaked in potent antioxidant vitamin E to sooth and plump skin. Salt scrubs which are also known as salt glow is a treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin by rubbing a mixture of sea salt into the guests skin then rinsed off with a vichy shower. Euphoria is a deep calming ritual body treatment designed to calm the nervous system and relax the mind.
The skin care services includes a sensitive facial, detox facials, a brightening facial, an oxygen infused facial, micro facial gentlemen facials and deep cleansing facials. 
A sensitive facial is used to calm and heal the skin for those who experience redness and irritation. Detox facials are used to repairs damaged skin due to poor dieting, and to remove toxins and excess oil. A brightening facial is used to help minimize the appearance of sun and age spots on guests skin. Deep cleansing facials are used to unclog pores, remove dead cells and draw out access oils on the guests  skin.
 Our Destination spa differ from any other spa because our spa is specifically made for the health and wellbeing of the guests which is why our destinations spa “The HourGlass Star” provide various wellness programs which will include spiritual wellness, nutrition and food, life management activities and traditional medicine. Our spiritual wellness classes are experiences such as sound healing, loss and grief remembrance and the contemplative circle tool.
Sound healing is the use of varies instruments, that the exercise physiology therapist here at our spa will immerse the guests in a profoundly therapeutic vibrational experience that will activate their awareness and transform the body. (Martinez, 2015) The loss and grief remembrance program is where the spiritual wellness team provides support for the guests who are grieving and in need of some support. (CanyonRanch, 2016) The contemplative circle is a spiritual practice where guests learn how to work with the four directions, the five elements, and invocation. The four directions is the medical wheel of the first nations pedagogy of body, mind, heart, and spirit. (National Library of Medicine, n.d.) The five elements is also known as Wu Xing.
The nutrition and food services which includes healthy eating consultations, weight loss plans, vitamin and mineral evaluation and cooking classes. The healthy eating consultations is where the culinary teams gives advice on everyday nutrition, and how best to feed the guests and their family. Weight loss plans are usually run by the management life team and the culinary team to provide a proper diet for guests who are looking to loose weight. The mineral and vitamin evaluation is where the nutritionist team would provide expert advice about supplements based on the guests age, health risks, history and dietary patterns. The cooking classes are provided for those guests who would like to learn how to cook to make simple, healthy, great-tasting dishes with whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables.
The fitness services includes customized programs for personal training, fitness program for ages over 50, outdoor sports experiences and different fitness facilities which includes a basket ball court, tennis court, pilates studio, pools and a yoga studio. 
The personal training programs are provided so guests can meet with knowledgeable professional trainers also known as the exercise physiology team who will design a workout that is motivating for the guests who then can access the gym. The outdoor sports experiences includes biking, hiking, high ropes adventures,Tai Chi on the mountains, and water classes provided at many of our pools.
Our specialized programs includes some media art classes, art classes, dance classes, teen supports classes and recreational activities for the individual guests who have special needs so they don’t feel excluded at our destination spa.
Technology needed to run a successful destination spa 
There are various equipments needed to run our destination spa to be successful which includes, kitchen appliances for the cooking programs and culinary team that provides nutritious meals for guests daily. Room appliances such as cabinets for clothes, and beds, televisions, iron boards,. Tables and chairs at various areas where guests eat, and meet.  Audio and visual equipment for various programs and classes as well as the salon and spa rooms. Washers, dryers and refrigerators that are found in each room to accommodate the guests while they stay at the destination spa. Various activity equipments such as bikes, yoga mats, gym, pool and tennis equipment. Spa and salon supplies, treatment beds, hot towel cabinets, magnifying lamps, rotary brushes,steamers, spray machines. 
 Telephones so guests can speak directly to the destination spa representative for specific services such as hotel operators for guest contact, sales/groups, and program advising/pre-booking services. A specific website for the destination spa shop, so guests can purchase various skin care products, jewellery, supplements, hair products, kitchen and homes items, and fitness products.  The official Destination spa website which includes all the information about the services, package deals, booking information, programs offered, the a little about the spas team. Specialized technology would include digital cameras for makeup consultations, transformations, various views throughout the destination spa, yearly preview of what programs are available every week of each month. Stimulation software to give previews of that the guests should expect to establish realistic outcomes. Speakers through various rooms throughout the destination spa to provide soothing music at the spa and in the yoga studios, music at the restaurants, gym and pools. 
8 Touch Points
Touchpoints have been defined as all of the communication that guests experience during the relationship lifecycle of the spa (Johnson & Redman, 2008)
The touchpoint that we have decided to cooperate into our destination spa business model are cleanliness of the whole spa, welcoming the guests, the exist process, the sense of arrival, the retail area, pre treatment review, product suggestions and the official the HourGlass destination spa website. 
Our destination spa accommodates many guests within a day so the cleanliness of the spa has a major effect on the experience each guest has which is why The HourGlass Star has many janitors and house keeping services. Estheticans, nail and makeup technicians, massage therapists, wellness instructors and the culinary team are responsible in cleaning and tidying their area and cleaning before and after each guest. The janitors and house keeping services will be in charge of cleaning residential rooms which include the washrooms, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, restocking supplies for new guests, cleaning bed sheets, re organizing them, and removing litter. Janitors will also be in charge of cleaning different rooms including restaurants, the tennis court, pools, gym, studios, spa and salon. 
Welcoming the guests
We provide scheduled, complimentary ground transportation from the airport to the Destination Spa.  Guests will arrive at the HourGlass Star administrations where a spa coordinator, or desk clerk will accommodate guests to check in. Guests will be provided a detailed map and the exact location of where their room is located. Guests usually go to their room to unpack and settle in then start their day by going to their schedules classes and programs. If guests are unable to locate their room their are various HourGlass workers to provide helpful directions, as well as signs that are provided throughout the whole destination spa area. 
The exist process
Arrangements for return transportation to the airport can be made in advance while booking. Buses depart The HourGlass Star for the airport at various times 5:30 a.m., 7:45 a.m., 10a.m., 12:15 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. So the guests will not feel overwhelmed when it comes to departing from our spa. 
The HourGlass Star destination spa website is designed to engage the guests in the experience that awaits them at the spa. In the website you will find various headings that will help the guests when finding information about the spa which includes The experience, where you will find all about the fitness programs, the spa and salon, nutrition and wellness experiences. There will also be a resort heading where you will find locations, directions, facilities and an about us section where it will include information about the team, various pictures of the spa, residential information, and any information guests would like to know about the growth of our destination spa. At the top left corner there will be a big button where guests can book their stay online or are given a phone number to speak to the administrative centre. 
The retail area
At the The HourGlass Star retail store there are always be retail agents to assist the guests to enhance the shopping experience and give product knowledge. Our spa provides various skin and hair products. We offer the award winning shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and hair serums from the brand Davines, MOMO which is for dry or dehydrated hair, MELU for mechanical damage, MINU for coloured hair, VOLU which is used on hair that is fine or limp, DEDE which is for daily use, NOUNOU which is for chemically processed hair, and LOVE for curly, wavy hair and frizzy hair. We also offer other various Davines products such as detoxifying scrub shampoos, calming super active serums, well-being de stress hair lotions, purifying hair gel, and nourishing hair royal jelly super active, nourishing vegetarian miracle shampoo, conditioner and hair building pak, and hair loss products. Environ products including eye gel, serums and creams. Brickell products for men which includes face moisturizers, the purifying face wash, eye creams, and beard oil. Official HourGlass Star products which includes hand creams, shampoos, body wash, and body scrubs. We offer various set packages such as the travel essential kits, sun care kits, and relaxation kits, travel bags, and manicure sets. Guests will also find various apparel including Various hoodies, T-shirts, robes, pants, leggings for both men and women of all sizes. Gloves, scarfs, cardigans, tank tops, swimwear, bras, and towels. Lifestyle items including Yoga mats, duffle bags, water bottles, gift cards, Foot Doctor Orthotics, massage balls, various candles, oils, teas, and Nutritional Supplements that provides guests with the highest quality nutrients in optimal formulations which include blood and sugar support, omega, bone nutrients, and vitamin D. 
The sense of arrival 

Pre treatment interview 
Every single one of our staff are engaging and person as each therapist, or program coordinator is a hundred percent focused on the wellbeing of the guests. Program coordinators will work together alone with the guest to make a specific program that will help the guests needs, or wants. Nail, hair and skin technicians will also provide a in-depth consultation so the guest will understand everything that they need to know as well as our staff who want every since guest to be happy at the end of their stay. 
Product suggestions
The product suggestion process is always based on the main concern that the guests have. Wether they are treated through a program trainer or an esthetician, each staff member is required to make a treatment plan for the guest which will include products that can help them. Throughout the treatment our staff member will explain each product they use, they will also politely say that each product that could help with their skin could be found upstairs and that they can locate where the guest can find it. When a program coordinator concludes their interview they provide a list of medications for those guests who would need them throughout their journey of a healthy lifestyle. If guests are in need of a few other products the retail store has many trained staff members who would love to help each guest find exactly what they are looking for.