Absolut Vodka Essay

Absolut Vodka Questions 1. I think all of these factors are crucial to the success of Absolut Vodka, but among them the promotion is relatively the most essential part. Having a fine vine, a distinguished bottle or a clever distributer is never enough, so Absolut Vodka has found a unique way of promoting their products. The advisements were different from the ads at that time, with only bottles and captions. As descried in the case, it is a contemporary art. People were fascinated by the art and became curious about the products.

The company also wisely used the concepts of arts to have the shows in the world. Besides, the emergence of Absolut Hunk in the popular TV show could also trigger the customers’ interest, which is the public relations of promotion. 2. After the success of its conventional advertisements, Absolut worked more with contemporary artists to create inspiring ads, which meant the Absolut has a great communication with the customers and chose the right channels for communications. The Americans wanted to see more and more ads.

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From this demanding point of view, the sales of Absolut Vodka may have declined due to the customers, however the quality of the products have been approved by them and they also accepted the culture conveyed. And the sales figures have showed that during these years, the sales were in a raising trend. 3. I partly agree with this expression. Absolut Vodka was a special product, which differed from other Vodka, so people were willing to this kind of idea and enjoyed themselves. However, it other Vodka companies also have ideas that can even compete with Absolut, then they just lose the advantages.

Nevertheless, the issues regarding to ideas are sometimes difficult to be realized, so before other companies really come up with a new idea, Absolut Vodka will still be successful. 4. When designing promotions into different markets, people should analysis the target markets seriously. So I think that the US approach could be successful in other regions if they have done an all round analysis on them. Especially on customer behavior aspects, whether they drink Vodka at all and culture aspects, whether drinking Vodka means a good thing or not. 5.

Yes, I think that because of the successful promotion using contemporary art, V&S could enter art collection market, namely the galleries or museums. Another idea is to open a Vodka bar selling exclusive Absolut products. Expanding to other markets in some aspects will grow the company’s value, but it is still a serious decision that once that fails, it may even have impacts on the current business. 6. I think that good advertising campaigns will definitely get many attentions. Advertising will sure gain some attentions form the public, while it is not always the case that it would be so popular like Absolut Vodka.

First of all, the product itself was special. The clear bottle, label and the Vodka were unique. Secondly, the advertisement was different. Unlike other spirits, the ads of Absolut Vodka showed a strong influence of contemporary art, people began to be curious about it. Then, the culture and the symbol behind the ads were perceived as high level and high quality, people were willing to treat their guests with such kinds of spirits. Finally, the new advertising methods, to include the brand in the TV shows, again have gained so many attentions from the public.