A Raisin in the Sun and the Death of a Salesman Essay

When you read plays and books, you use your imagination to picture what it would look like until you watch the movie but sometimes the movie is something completely different than what you imagined it to be. That’s how it is with most books and plays. When I read the play A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry I pictured the characters to look and act differently than they did in the movie. It threw me off when I realized that Sean Combs or P. Diddy played the part of Walter Lee Younger.

The fact that I’ve seen him in much more of a comedic role such as the one he played in the movie Get Him To The Greek made me question whether he was the right actor to play a serious role in this film. When I watched more of the movie I noticed that he played the part perfectly and even though it was weird watching him play a serious role he did a very good job doing it. When I was reading the play I pictured their house to look the exact same way it looked in the movie, the little bathroom shared by more than one family and the outside area where Mama’s flower was.

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The dialog in the play and movie were similar in the way they spoke. After watching the movie and thinking about they play it hasn’t affected the way I look at the play, it now gives me something to base the characters off of when I read more of the play. While I was reading The Death Of A Salesman it was hard for me to picture the characters or the setting till I read further into the play. When I watched the movie I was very pleased to see that Dustin Hoffman played the main Character Willy Loman.

Dustin Hoffman played the part perfectly, because I’ve seen him in both as a comedic character and a more serious one, it made it easier for me to believe that he could play the role of Willy. As I read more into the play I was wondering how they were going to act out Willy’s flashbacks in the movie. Biff Loman’s character in the movie was played by John Malkovich, in my opinion he played an extremely good part in the movie, he was very emotional and it made the scene extremely good.

When I watched the movie it really didn’t change my view on the play, it just gave me something to base the characters off of, so when I read more I know what they’ll look like. Now that I’ve read both scenes from the plays and watched the movies I’ve come to the conclusion that both of the movies went hand in hand with the plays. Like most movies the director’s change then books or plays around so that it doesn’t match the story line exactly but in these movies then directors did a really good job in keeping everything in order.