A members in the house, everybody wants

            A Raisin in the Sun is a
story about the Younger family and how they deal with the death of Mama’s
husband. Due to the death, the family is dealing with a lot of stress and
anger. Since the whole family is stressed, they are always fighting. Since Mama’s
husband passed away, the family is given $10,000 from his insurance. The
Younger family is in poverty, and this could be the only chance they have to
turn their lives around. Since there are so many members in the house,
everybody wants to do something different with the money. Ruth’s husband,
Walter, tears the check in half because he isn’t getting what he wants with the
money, but they get the $10,000 back. The death of Mama’s husband dramatically affects
the entire Younger family for both the better and the worse.

            First, the death is the hardest on
Mama. Since her husband died, she is trying to make enough money to keep her
children and grandchildren in school and college. But when the 10,000 dollar
check comes in the mail, Mama wants to put the money in a bank and also use
some for Ruth’s, Beneatha’s, and Travis’s schooling expenses. She also wants to
purchase a dream house for her family and make everyone happy. Sadly, not all
the family members agree with Mama’s idea. They all want to use the money for
something else. Mama thinks the house is the best option for everyone since the
family members would be less stressed and be happier overall.

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            Walter, who is Ruth’s husband, is
very selfish and wants his way only. Although he loves his family, he wants to
do everything his way. He does not want to save the insurance money. He wants
to use it to purchase a new bar of his own.  He believes that the purchase of the bar will
help the family’s financial stability, help the family overall, and make
everyone happy. Since he is not happy with the amount of money he is currently
making, he feels he is not pleasing his family.  He wants the family to have an amazing house,
and he wants to buy Ruth pearl necklaces, but he does not have the money. He
thinks the bar could change that. Mama does not allow Walter to purchase a bar
because she thinks it is a bad idea, and she does not trust Walter with the
money. She also thinks that the idea could fail and would just cause more
trouble than help. Walter decides to do what he thinks is best for the family
and gives $6,000 to an investor who ends up running off with the money. The
family gets the money back, and Walter learns his lesson.

Even though the family receives 10,000 dollars, Ruth is even more
worried about the family’s financial stability when she finds out she is
pregnant. She does not want to put more stress on the family and cause
problems. She wants the best for the family, and she thinks she is going to
cause more problems. Ruth later tells Mama, and Mama is very supportive and
wants to help give the child a good life. This makes Ruth decide she wants Mama
to purchase the house so that her child can have a better life than she had. She
wants her baby to live in a beautiful house that is in a good, safe
neighborhood, so she agrees that Mama should purchase the house. She also wants
her son, Travis, to be able to sleep in a bed instead of on a couch or on the
floor of the apartment. Travis is an eight year old boy who just wants fifty
cents for school. Even this simple request is too much for the family. Ruth’s
marriage with Walter is also causing problems in the house. She is trying to
rekindle their love, but she is also trying to hold herself together due to all
the stress. Since they fight and argue, Ruth thinks it would be best to get a
big house so they can all have their own space.

            Beneatha is a strong, independent
woman who is fighting against racial views. She wants to go to college to
become a doctor, save lives, change the world, and prove that she can do anything
she sets her mind to. She meets a man named Asagi who wants her to travel to
Nigeria with him to study medicine, and this gives her another big dream to
follow. Although she does not have the money to go, she hopes to one day. She
thinks if she goes with Asagi, she can change the world with her practices, so
this makes her decision to go to college or to travel very difficult for her.
Walter is pressuring her to marry a man for his money, give up on her dreams,
and stop caring. Beneatha is very determined, and she wants to find a way to go
to a good school and prove Walter wrong. When the insurance money arrives, she
wants to use it for her schooling expenses, and Mama wants to let her, but Mama
can’t decide what to do since she wants to purchase the house. Beneatha decides
that even if she cannot get into her dream college, she is going to become an
amazing doctor one day.

            The Younger family purchases the
house and moves into their new house shortly after that. Everyone is ready for
a fresh, new start. Ruth and Walter start arguing less, and Travis is able to
get fifty cents without causing a hassle. Mama is pleased with herself and her
decision. Even though Walter wanted to purchase a bar, he is pleased with the
house Mama chose and decides it was all going to come together in the end.
Although the Younger family was enduring tough times, they all tried to stay
strong for each other and try their best to make ends meet. This shows that the
death of one person can have a major impact on a family, but they have to stick
together and work through it.