A girl whose phase of a rebellious

A question that often leaves folks wondering is ‘how
can one so young be a threat to society’. What could trigger a child to commit
such a violent act? Runaway Devil a book written by Robert Remington and Sherri
Zickefoose, gives an insight on how someone so sweet could become so cold in
the blink of an eye. The story was captivating and eye-opening, although
disturbing and upsetting, it was simply fueled by forbidden “love” that led to
catastrophic outcomes.  In this story, a
sweet girl whose phase of a rebellious act was taken to an extreme. The drama
and thriller in the novel made for a fascinating read as one got a thorough
understanding of what took place before the tragic event. Runaway Devil is a
good read that I would highly recommend because it is a well-written analytical
look at a truly tragic multiple murder. Fans of true crime genre or those with
an interest in juvenile behavior would love this book.In search of an opportunity to fit in, 12-year-old JR
decided that she needed to change her way of life – deciding to go goth. This
was a major turning point and the starting point of her rebellion. Her parents
Marc and Debra were persistent in trying to get their daughter back and instill
good values in her, but she was a lost cause. Growing up in a cheerful
environment, her family’s lifestyle did not seem to fit her new way of living.
JR started to join a lot of online sites as a means to fit in, in which she
adopted the nickname “Runaway Devil”. Talking and interacting with a lot of
people, JR seemed to attract a handful of men much older than her. Although she
did not seem to mind, this was an issue that particularly troubled her parents.
JR was introduced to Jeremy Stienk (Souleater) through her hangouts with fellow
goths at the mall. Jeremy who would end up being JR’s lover, was a 23-year-old
man bullied as a kid and prided himself on hanging out with younger people as
he could not relate well with people his own age. JR and Jeremy’s relationship
was forbidden by JR’s parents and quite troubling for their group of friends.
The constant nagging from her parents and prohibition was a driving force in
their drawn-out plot to murder her parents. JR was the mastermind, facilitating
their plot, while Jeremy was more of an executor. By April 23, 2006 they had
already established the scheme and were prepared to act on it. Jeremy started
with the execution by stabbing Debra, then Marc, after a tussle they had,
before collaborating with JR in the death of her little brother Jacob.
Following this massacre their new objective was to get away, leaving Medicine
Hat in search of a life together. An attempted escape, made possible by their
friends, was halted by police officers as they were arrested on 3 counts of
first-degree murder. JR was not at all remorseful of what she had done as
someone her age should be. On the other hand, Jeremy was, understanding that he
had just done something bad and that he would see a lot of time behind bars as
evident in his confession with Sergeant Sheehan. This case stirred a lot of anger
among older people, but also portrayed the impact that Jeremy had on some of
the young goth girls as they continued to stand by him. After an extensive
trial JR and Jeremy were found guilty of 3 counts of first-degree murder. Under
the terms of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, JR received the maximum custodial
sentenced as she was sentenced to six years, followed by four years of
conditional supervision in the community. While Jeremy received a maximum
sentence, and was sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole
after 25 years. A sentence that brought an end of the most astonishing murders
in Canadian Criminal history. Robert Remington and Sherri Zickefoose, the authors,
have done a lot of work and industrious research, assembling a strong record of
this tragic event. The book wasn’t too oppressive on the technical language of
the law, it was a decent blend of ‘story’ like writing, quotes, confirmation,
and trial. It was easy to read in addition to being well written; one of the
strengths in the book. Additionally, the flow of the story was tremendously
fascinating, making the reader able to vividly picture everything that
transpired. Furthermore, the inclusion of the pictures allowed the reader to
have an idea of what the characters looked like ultimately making for an
improved depiction. Although this was a phenomenal read, I felt as if the
author showed a little bit of favoritism towards Jeremy. The aspect of bias
made for a weakness. Personally, I could sense the author’s view of the case as
JR was portrayed as a manipulator who manipulated a troubled man, Jeremy into a
violent act. Likewise, the immense use of JR and Jeremy’s online conversations
as well as the quotes from the band was a weakness in the book. I was not
really able to follow their conversation or thoroughly understand the lyrics in
the song, which was at times puzzling. I felt that in those instances a
generalization or meaning of the lyrics would have been sufficient.   The strengths and weaknesses in the book, although
apparent, did not truly add or detract my overall tenet of the book. I was
fascinated by the story, intrigued by what was unfolding, and mesmerized by
what was being said. I found this case to be rare and captivating, the book had
answered my questions on the case. Although, the strengths, mentioned
previously, played a role in my understanding of the case it did not add to my
overall tenant of the book. Similarly, the weaknesses, although distracting,
did not affect my perception of the book overall. I was so focused on the case
and how everything played out that the book’s strengths and weaknesses did not
change my general perception of it.In a story so tragic and shocking, a lot of people
would typically struggle with the context of the book. However, for those who
passionately enjoy reading true crime books, Runaway Devil is the perfect book.
It is a well written and soundly documented piece of writing. Overall, the book
is a development of obscuring and frequently peculiar scenes, each of which offers
another piece to the general perplex that this appalling case signifies. It is
a book based on real occurrences, in which portrays, a child’s forbidden love
for a man leading up to the gruesome murder of her family. This crime novel
reveals a lot: drama, romance, thriller and of course crime.