The influence of automated
vehicles on road transport operations is examined in this segment.

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Unfortunately this topic of automated freight movement does not appear to have
been extensively discussed in the literature I have studied.

Delivery Optimisation

Numerous authors have stated
that Commercial
autonomous vehicles have the potential to optimise goods delivery. Le Vine and Polak, from Imperial College
describes this as “Groceries ordered online, for instance, could be picked
up by a ‘personal service vehicle’ and delivered to one’s home when most
convenient for the customer, rather than when a delivery van and driver happen
to be available” (Le Vine and Polak, 2014). Cho had the vision of a more
advanced operation, comprising of “an unmanned delivery service using a
cooperative unmanned system consisting of a self-driving car and an unmanned
aerial vehicle (UAV)” (Cho et al., 2014). Therefore, the pair would be
connected and could possibly be in combination with many other transport modes,
which could improve the delivery of goods.