Our team will be holding and hosting several F1 related events and Go-karting competition
for fans and potential audiences to engage with us and be more interested in
the game, by doing so we are aiming to create a brand community to where
individuals can share their F1 passion.

Our agency is aware that actors,
artists, singers and social media influencers have a large role and a major
impact on peoples’ decision-making process. Therefore, we are planning on
launching a campaign using influencers to promote F1. The campaign will include
exciting seasonal jingles that will be endorsed on some of the most trending
music platforms, such as, iTunes and Spotify. For example, during the Christmas
period, we are planning on introducing a Christmas jingle comprised of motor
engines sounds with the collaboration of rappers whom are popular in the UK.

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Gaming simulations will be installed and located inside prominent department
stores for a limited period of time. Renowned YouTube Gamers will be promoting
these gaming simulations through their social media platforms, i.e. Snapchat,
Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.