The Baby Boomers are the people during the time when shifting of societal values occurred. Mainly, they were called the “baby boomers” because of the roughly increasing number of birth during this time. There are economic, psychological, spiritual and social factors that provoked or made this generation to have its distinct characteristics, values, and beliefs.  This generation experienced dramatic shifts in educational setting, economic and social opportunities. This idea was related to the end of the World War II last 1845 according to some historians.  Since the war was over, this is the opportunity for many people especially for women to stay at home and start their own family. People gained confidence about having children at last. Baby boomers have often been characterized by the significant social changes they have created because of the influence of the environment they had during their time. Baby boomers were known as nonconformists because they are known to fight,take social actions, go against social norms, fighting for the liberal expression of sexuality, human rights, concerns in the environment, drug experimentation and preference of rock and roll music because this was the period where they were involved in social justice, politics and when war started and beginning to occur in many nations. All of these defined and shaped this generation’s identity. Moreover, baby boomers were able to have their self-decision, have a community involvement, gaining prosperity, have the ownership and self-actualizing. Baby boomers are goal-oriented and very adaptive to the changes happening and focus more on individual choices and their freedom. They tend to have a positive attitude and try avoiding conflicts at any cause. Also, because of the educational opportunity, they are called the best-educated generation and a growing maturity and started to have families with a higher level of pragmatism than before.