Software  Project  Management  Lifecycle.Introduction:It requires enormous amount of planning and hardwork to conceive a software project. After all, the main purpose of a software project is to earn profits while delivering value to a customer at the same time. Software project management cycle refers to the set of activities which need to be undertaken by the various stakeholders for efficient execution of a software project.Stages of Software Project Management Lifecycle:1.Project Initiation:In this stage , it is studied whether the project is feasible by evaluating its potential financial benefits, the amount of resources available at hand and the optimum time investment required  to complete the project.The important document supporting project initiation is the business case document.2.Project Planning: It is a framework which serves as a guidance for      organising resources, managing finance and assembling required materials . Provisions are also made for dealing with emergency situations and potential risks. It is the most critical stage of a software project. If there are loopholes in the planning, a disaster is assured .3.Project Execution:In this stage of the project, the resources for a project are fixed and the team members are assigned their respective roles. If each team member performs his roles to perfection , the project will automatically progress smoothly.4.Project Monitoring and Control:In this stage, the variation of the actual progress of the project from the estimated progress at the beginning is measured. One of the major parameter used to measure this phase is the KPI(Key Performance Indicator) measurement like various quantitative ,qualitative indicators.5  Project Closure:In this stage, the final software product is presented to the client.  The support and development team takes over from this stage. In this stage , generally an overall review of the project is carried out and the mistakes are identified. Generally , it is good for the software project  team to learn from the mistakes so as not to repeat them henceforth.