Inception, directed by filmmaker Christopher
Nolan, is something much more meaningful, the ability to seed ideas in other
minds and change the course of reality goes far beyond the unknown. The
narrative follows the life of Cobb a professional thief, who teams with
‘Extractors’ to perform corporate espionage using military technology to
infiltrate the subconscious of their targets through shared dream worlds. Cobb
is approached by the wealthy Mr Saito asking them to perform this act of
‘inception’, (Image 6) to break up the vast energy empire of his competitor Maurice
Fischer, to suggests an idea to his son Robert Fischer inheriting the empire
when his father dies. Entering the dreams of others to ‘steal’ secrets hidden
deep within our subconscious… Cobb and his team of extractors conduct an
unconventional, three levelled dream or rather a ‘dream within a dream within a
dream’. to undergo the enormous business decision Mr Saito has initiated a
seemingly impossible task, plant an idea in his victims subconscious.