4. purpose of reducing the degree of


In conclusion, Brico devices is facing
criticism from the media due to its neglect of its Corporate Social
Responsibility. Therefore, the company is encouraged to be aware of the
severity of its working conditions, waste disposal and sustainability
standards. In addition, there are potential solutions that have been discovered
through the investigation research which can be further effectively applied to
solve the problems of Brico Devices.

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Based on the audit and
evaluation of our company’s current situation, recommendations are made
accordingly for each issue.


5.1 Poor Working Conditions

In terms of poor working
conditions, there are two issues need to be resolved which have been
illustrated in the previous section.


In order to solve the
overcrowding factory issue, we would recommend that the company to improve
infrastructure with automation technologies. Therefore, they can achieve the
purpose of reducing the degree of crowdedness by hiring lesser employees (James Sherk.2017). Moreover, the solution of
“expanding the factory” could be more expensive and time consuming.


On the other hand, lack of
ventilation is also a crucial issue in the factory. It is imperative that the
air purifier should be installed since building extra windows solution might
require to change the layout of the entire building which creates significant
expenses. In addition, according to Brennan’s heating and air conditioner (Brennan’s heating and air condition.2013)
, installing air purifier can not only make the air more ventilated, but also
cost less resources to maintain.

5.2 Inadequate waste disposal


For the matter of water
disposal into the lakes and river, it is recommended to conduct further
research to discover the water treatment process. For example, discover a
method to neutralize toxic substances in the waste before the disposal, and
then use an effective filter to remove other type of wastes.

Dirty working environment
is another urgent matter needed to be solved. The recommended solution is
to establish an efficient garbage classification method (Department of Environment and Energy) which can promote clean and
tidy awareness of the workplace. Additionally, the
administrative department could conduct a staff meeting to inform every
employee that how to dispose the wastes properly.  


5.4 Environmentally Unsustainable Practices

wastage, such as electricity happens frequently in the working place. The
recommended solution for Brico Device is to use the solar energy instead of the
traditional electricity (Synergy. 2018). Although the solar equipment
installation is required at the beginning, solar energy is a renewable resource
and have no negative effects to the environment. Compare to the staff training
method, using solar energy is more reliable and effective. Besides, a
significant amount of investment is required to purchase the intelligence
resource (electricity) management system. Therefore, using eco- friendly and
renewable resource is an inevitable trend for successful corporations and
complies with government policies.